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Jun 26, 2004 02:54 PM

Sabretts' hotdogs and onions in sauce

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I grew up in the New York area, and I sometimes get a serious craving for a Sabretts hotdog (the ones the streetvendors use), and more specifically the onions in sauce condiment.

Anyone know if any retailer carries these in the Dallas area?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. A Houston chowhound has the same fond memories so if you know of a Houston retailer for Sabrett's please post. BYTW the onion condiment is simply fried onions in margarine that has had ketchup and some water added to it with salt pepper and paprika.

    1. I haven't found Sabrett but Boar's Head brand is a good substitute. As far as the onions go, I've tried different packaged products and none of them really tasted like what you'd get from a cart.

      1. I think you will have to buy them online.


        1. If you can find it, try Cowboy Catsup. It has onions and jalapeno's very finely diced. Great stuff!

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          1. re: Donnie C

            It's a known fact that the Roman empire fell when people started putting catsup on hot dogs. Yuck!

            1. re: Scagnetti

              Ketchup is only used (and spiced up at that) if the onions are mixed in it. The only other way a New Yorker eats a Kosher hot dog is with sauerkraut and good brown mustard. Coneys don't exist in New York only in Texas. Sometimes a bit of sweet relish is added to the sauerkraut or in place of it with the spicy brown mustard(never the yellow stuff).

              1. re: Ken

                >>Coneys don't exist in New York only in Texas.<<

                I beg to differ. Coneys also exist in Cincinnati, where they are topped with the city's unique chili, cheese and onions for a "3-way Coney."

                1. re: Kirk

                  Cincinnati's chili certainly is unique and yes I have had a "coney" in Cincinnati.I was refering to James Coneys as sold in Houston. I'd love to find a place in Texas that sold it canned. It would be a hoot to pass it to a Texan and watch them attempt to eat it. It's not bad, just very different, kind of like being served cornbread with Chinese food! A unique combo I once had in Florida.

                  1. re: ken

                    Skyline Chili is available in cans at most Kroger stores. (Kroger's HQ is in Cincinnati.) It's usually around the Wolf Brand and Hormel's chilis. But it can't be a high volume item.

                    Warning: It looks horrible when you open the can, and not much better when you warm it, but when you serve it on top of spaghetti with cheese, onions and oyster crackers, you'd think you were at one of the "parlors" in Porkopolis.

                    I've never tried the canned stuff on a hot dog, but I am sure it would work just as well. Of course, if you could find a "metwurst" and a red cream soda, you'd be close to authentic Cinci gluttony.

                2. re: Ken

                  ~~ "Coneys don't exist in New York only in Texas." ~~

                  What is that, a joke? Coneys are short for "Coney Island," and more specifically, Nathan's, where they are said to have been invented. You can still get a Chili Dog, or a Chili-cheese Dog. Just in case you doubt that, I've linked to their menu.

                  Nathan's. That IS in New York, right?

                  And I've had chili dogs in practically every single state in the Union. R&W rootbeer stands used to have pretty good ones. I like mine with chopped onions and a little extra mustard.


                  1. re: ChrissieH

                    Little-known fact, Chrissie: Nathan's Famous hot dogs are now made by a company called Specialty Foods Group in a factory in Chicago, where they also make many other types of sausages and hot dogs. SFG still makes the original variety, which uses sheep casings, along with a huge variety of other hot dogs. Among its other holdings, SFG also owns Fisher Meats of Louisville, which has one of my favorite corporate slogans: "The Bacon Makin' People."

                    1. re: Kirk

                      Ah... So is nothing sacred?

                    2. re: ChrissieH

                      To a real New Yorker Coneys don't exist...They don't eat them only the tourists do.

                      1. re: ChrissieH

                        To a real New Yorker Coneys don't exist...They don't eat them only the tourists do.

                        1. re: ChrissieH

                          And I thought Coneys were a Detroit thing.

                  2. Wish I could help you Rob, but I feel your pain!!! I've had the same lack of success finding Hummel's Hot Dogs (New Haven CT), which in my humble opinion are the best hot dogs available, hands down.

                    I can't count how many times I've hauled a 10 pound box of them back through DFW Airport with me after a visit home. In fact, I'm making another run in August to replenish my stock!