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Aug 28, 2013 08:27 AM

Bermuda Birthday Trip Dinner Plans

Hi All,

I will be celebrating my birthday on the lovely island of Bermuda in a few weeks staying at Tucker's Point with my husband. I will be there for 4 nights. This is what I was thinking for my dinner plans. Would love some comments/input!

Thursday- Wahoo's Bistro & Patio
Friday- The Point ( this is my actual birthday night so I wanted a splurge! is this a good choice?)
Saturday- Mad Hatter's
Sunday- Coconuts (does anyone know the costs of the set menu for beach dining?)

So, I only have one dinner planned at the Resort, I wasn't sure if I should switch out one of these for another restaurant at TP? I see there's a place at the beach club called Sul Mer and then an Italian place called Sul Verde. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Or any other suggestions in general?

I'm so excited to be back on the Island! I was last there when I was 16 and my husband has never been! When I was there when I was 16 I remember really liking The Pickled Onion! I may have to stop in for a drink!

Also dying to have a bowl of fish chowder!

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  1. Welcome back! I love to hear that people are excited to come back here,

    I haven't eaten at Wahoo since it became that, but I've had good reports from friends that have.

    I like dinner at The Point and as it's your birthday, not far to go after a celebration dinner.

    Never been to Mad Hatters so can't speak to that.

    I would go to Coconuts for lunch rather than dinner, The Reefs is so beautiful in the daytime and Coconuts is right on the beach. I went to a wedding there last year and dinner was at Coconuts, it just wasn't as lovely as lunch with all the pretty pink and white umbrellas, pink sand and blue water.

    I can recommend Rustico in Flatts for a dinner, I love the food, the staff and the service. I've also recently learnt that certain staff from the Black Horse in St David's have moved to the Carriage House in St George's, so if you want a good lobster dinner that is an option - and probably fish chowder too!

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      Thanks so much, Athena for the input and the tip about Coconuts!

    2. I like Wahoo's especially for their wahoo preparations since it's a fish that easily dries out if overcooked slightly.

      Dinner at The Point is nice, I had a very nice dinner there quite a while ago but have never made it back (it's a bit of a trek for us).

      Mad Hatter's is nice, good value for money I think. The fun hats make it a little zany but in a fun way. Sides are served family style and the food is solid cooking but nothing too avant garde.

      Not been to Coconuts so defer to Athena for that. I'm a big fan of The Dining Room at Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. I like the views over the island and water and food is good when I've been for brunch (it's the same restaurant group as Rustico's mentioned by Athena). If you go, try and request a table by a window.

      Good luck, welcome back and happy pre birthday!!!!

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      1. Just back from a recent trip (one of many) and had our best dining experience at Port O Call in downtown Hamilton. The food (including the fish chowder) and service was among the best we've had on our trips.

        We like Wahoo's a lot and Coconuts too. Been reading about Bermuda dining on here a lot and took Athena's advice (unbeknownst to her!) to have lunch at Coconuts. It was great and agree it's best for lunch. Can't beat The Lighthouse for the views and the food was pretty good.

        We were on the fence about Mad Hatters. Some good, some ok food. Good atmosphere for a party or groups, but I'd eat at Port O Call over Mad Hatters these days.

        Have a great time!!!