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Aug 28, 2013 07:17 AM

Mackerel (Holy and otherwise)

Well, it seems the Atlantic Spanish Mackerel are making their way past NJ now. A buddy dropped a pair off for me yesterday and I finished cleaning 'em, leaving me with four nice, skin-on filets. I grilled one last night, over a medium, fruit wood and lump fire - basting with a garlic and olive oil mixture. In a short while, I will cut up a second filet and make a ceviche for lunch - lime juice, habanero, cilantro, a little tomato, and some thin slices of green onion.

The other two filets are in the freezer as mackerel can be a bit much to eat day after day. Out of curiosity's sake, I was wondering how others treat this somewhat funky fish? I have done sashimi, foil pouch, and fried "fingers" for tacos, in the past, but was wondering about any other ideas, especially in terms of flavorings, marinades, etc.

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  1. Whole, grilled with salt, pepper and olive oil. I love both mackerel and fresh sardines this way.

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      This. And a good squeeze of lemon all over the crispy skin.

    2. Foil pouch all the way, with veg (onions, tomato, whatever) and a dab of butter. I'm lazy, and it's so good.

      1. Marinated in soy sauce and orange juice, then grilled.

        1. Delicious- what a nice gift!

          Another way I've enjoyed mackerel is glazed with a mixture of soy, honey (or maple) and mirin. Squeeze over a bit of fresh lime at the end.

          1. Heavily salted, rested, then heavily salted some more. Grill. Serve with a small mound of grated daikon (daikon oroshi) and a bowl of hot rice. A beer is an excellent accompaniment.