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Best omakase around?

Will be visiting and staying for a long weekend in October. I'm looking for something something sushi oriented and amazing. Fresh. Innovative. If the food is good I don't care whether I'm eating at the local dive or the best 5 star joint in town. Price doesn't matter either. Any recs?

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  1. 15 East

    See this thread which also contains links to other threads:


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      I'll second 15 East, as it is my favorite. However, the OP says "innovative" , so I'll throw in Sushi of Gari, Sushi Ko, Blue Ribbon Izakaya,

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        If price does not really matter, one must consider Masa, but be prepared...

        1. re: tpigeon

          Price really doesn't matter. I will take a look into those. I would really like to try something different.

          1. re: tpigeon

            A friend's wife asked me to recommend a Japanese restaurant, also saying that price didn't matter. After I explained the expected minimum cost of Masa (and how much it could run to with supplements), price was no longer "not an issue"!

            1. re: fooder

              What's the price for omakase there?

              1. re: foxspirit

                Depends on the season. The omakase minimum will be anywhere from 350-500 before tax and everything else. That does not include supplements I've had there before including wagyu with truffles (130) and white truffle ice cream (100). These prices are also from 2011, so it's possible they've gone up since then. There's also been much discussion about whether they add a 20% operations fee that's separate from gratuity.

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                  I can totally swing that. But is it worth it? :) Expensive doesn't mean anything to me and I don't care about stuff like ambiance or 80 billion waiters with service so good they're practically chewing your food for you. If the food is good and I get a taste of something new that I'll never forget, I'll happily put down the cash.

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                    This was my thread on Masa, including the question of "is it worth it?" See if the discussion helps you make that determination.

                    If you see all the posts I have both my 2010 and 2011 visit written up.

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                      My personal opinion is it wasn't but I was glad I went once...

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              +1 15 East

              In fact, just wrote up another meal today, here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/914900

              Like I mention in the review, he seems to have added some more stuff to his repertoire, but I agree with foodwhisperer that I wouldn't exactly call his stuff innovative.

              For the Sushi of Gari type of sushi, I much prefer Sushi Seki, although I haven't been back in quite a long time.

          2. Masa, Neto, and Brushstroke.

            1. Try Sushi Dojo. Best Omakase around!!

              1. Definitely Sushi Dojo. I was regular in 15 East b/4 trying this restaurant. The BEST omakase in NYC w/out crazy price tag. Just went to Gari 2 days ago, left $800 for 3 ppl for crappy sushi w/ a lot of rice.
                Also tried all top spots in the city like Yasuda, Kuruma Zushi, Sasabune, Sushi Seki, ichimara, etc.
                SUSHI DOJO, trust me

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                      Very reasonable. Thanks! I've heard it's great.

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                        I had my omakase with Makoto, the guy worked at Kuruma Zushi for 2 yrs next to chef Toshihiro. I was totally speechless while he was serving me. Just AMAZING! Sake selection is out of this world. How many sushi places in NYC have solid 40+ sake list & somellier that shoots right on target w/ sake recommendations

                    2. re: loratliff

                      Dojo is not the best Omakase around in my opinion. It is good, but very limited. the tempura is great. The cost is reasonable.
                      Both David and Hiromi are skilled at what they do. However,
                      15 East is far superior. Moving right along, the OP wants something different. Different is Sushi Gari ( Tribeca) is the best one these days. That is the place where they will get some thing different. Blue Ribbon Izakaya with an $85 omakase and add extra dishes is a perfect choice as well.
                      Soto's small plates are different, but the sushi is only fair quality IMO. Sushi Ko has a "different " omakase, using yuzu foam to top dishes and cucumber foam. Mixing things like scallop and uni. worth a try. The chef is a 15 East alumni

                  1. One more thing, if you decide to go to Sushi Dojo request Makoto to be your chef. He'll blow your mind off w/ his creativity

                    1. In the order of my Faves:

                      -Brushstroke (sushi only a part of their wonderful meal-has lots of amazing cooked dishes w omakase) Top notch fine dining
                      -Sushi Zen-very good omakase and caring staff-I prefer sushi bar seating.
                      -Sassabune-would have almost made a tie w Sushi Zen except for it's bare bones decor
                      -Sushi of Gari (Upper east branch)-very innovative sushi
                      -Ushiwaka Maru (Ushiwakamaru)
                      -Neta-food is great but somehow I feel surroundings a bit "sterile"
                      -Ichimura at Brushstroke-This is the sushi bar attached to the inside of Brushstroke. It was great but not something I would go back in a hurry. My only hesitation is the fact that after twice dining there-I was beyond thirsty the whole night after both times.
                      -Yopporai-I enjoyed this place a lot but felt seating was odd-I felt like I was on an airplane with the 2 seater chairs at counter. They also have side booths w rather high level chairs.

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                      1. re: UES Mayor

                        Last 2-3x I went to brushstroke, no sushi with the tasting or kaiseki.

                        Yopporai has a tasting menu?

                        1. re: Shirang

                          Shirang-you are correct about no sushi w tasting menu. What we did was order supplement of sushi.

                      2. BTW-I hated hated hated 15 East! Service and food were the pits-perhaps I hit a bad day-might go back to confirm one day.

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                        1. re: UES Mayor

                          Did you sit at a table or at the sushi bar?
                          Lunch or dinner?
                          The head chef takes Mondays off.

                          1. re: UES Mayor

                            15 East- I was just there had many kitchen dishes and sashimi and sushi. The abalone "cocktail" in iced mirugai broth was fantastic. The Ayu grilled was great, the many parts of tuna sashimi amazing, the aka uni and hokkaido uni were wonderful. The sushi was perfect. The service great as always.
                            I'm amazed you hated your experience there.
                            Sasabune- the sushi Nazi is really a nice guy, but his rice falls apart and is too hot, not worthy of being called the best omakase.
                            Neta- atmosphere is fine to me, the sushi isn't great, some interesting dishes
                            Brushstroke- I agree that the tasting menu is excellent but not sushi oriented.
                            Ichimura- not sure what you mean by leaving so 'thirsty". Was the food too salty? Ichimura is very skilled, and his sushi is very good.
                            Sushi Gari- Tribeca lastely is better than Upper East Side or West Side. Except if Gari is working at East Side, which he hasn't done for a while. His best chef, he moved to Tribeca. Very suiting to the OP's desire for innovative sushi omakase.
                            Yopparai- Even at the counter they have those stupid double seats. I was lucky enough to have one to myself last time. I don't think it's a sushi omakase place , but the grilled food and stew are really good.So is the service.
                            Ushiwakamaru - has its CH fans. I don't think it is innovative. I'm no fan.
                            Sushi of Gari is probably best for the OP

                          2. Ichumura, hands down the best - traditional with a twist. For example. aged abalone, Hokkaido uni, sea pineapple (not always available), even the house made pickle ginger is amazing, Make reservation at least 2 weeks ahead - only 9 seats. Don't go the Brushstroke next door.

                            To add to my point, I have been to omakase at all the sushi temples in the city - 15 East, Yashuda, Azabu etc.