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Aug 28, 2013 06:08 AM

Live Crab in Fairfield County?

Does anyone know where to buy or catch live crab in lower Fairfield County? Pretty please?!?!

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    1. re: discounteggroll

      I see people in Bruce Park catching crabs with pieces of twine tied to chicken legs. They get the crabs nibbling on the chicken and then slowly lure them up where they can net em. I have no idea as to the legality of this or how safe they are to eat, it's just what I've seen. :)

    2. Thank you both! Fjord only does lump crab meat. I'm gonna try Bruce Park. Will let you know...

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      1. re: Sarah7

        Good luck Sarah, let me know how it goes.

        This video is from a few years ago but you can see and listen to the guy, apparently it's pretty easy to catch em there:

      2. You'll have to order in advance, and may need to order a full bushel, but New Wave in Stamford will do it, as will most seafood places. I don't know anyone in the area who stocks live hard shell blue claws.

        Another option is a short ride down to Arthur Ave in the Bronx. Its only about 30 mins drive from the Stamford area, assuming no traffic. Randazzos on the southern end of the street has, as does the other market that is more mid block, but IMHO, Randazos is consistently higher quality. There, you can buy smaller quantities.

        1. Update: Have found that H Mart in Hartsdale NY sells live crab. Not sure on Blues, but they have a $25 flat rate for what look like Dungeoness. Have a look and tell me what you think (crab & price)!
          Thanks again, guys!

          1. Oops, forgot this!

            A Dong (I know what it sounds like, but it is apparently a grocery) in West Hartford sells crab as well!