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Aug 28, 2013 06:04 AM

Salamanca bound

My husband and I will be spending two nights in Salamanca, Spain on the way to Lisbon. I have searched in vain on this board for any recommendations for restaurants in this fascinating town. Has any hound been there recently and want to share their experiences? Muchas gracias!

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  1. What date are you going? Just a bit short on time but will reply when I can.

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      Rob- very sorry, we've already been and come back. It was a last minute quest for suggestions. Thank you for getting on to it anyway. For your info, had a fine menu del dia with several choices for 12 euros (surrounded by businessmen and Salamancan ladies who lunch) at a small resto in the Place San Benito (can't remember the name, but the only one there) - away from the maddding crowd. Charming waiter, cod-stuffed pimentos/gazpacho to start; homemade meatballs and rabbit mains,tartes and ice cream, a carafe of very drinkable red wine refilled on request at no extra charge.
      Dinners both nights were tapas on the Place de Liberdad - the outdoor central bar on the left-hand side was the best -packed with locals, waiting room only; tapas one euro with each glass of wine or sangria (red or white). We ended up returning there for breakfast tapas: eggs and ham on toast, soft cheese with quince jelly, etc and excellent coffee in the morniing!