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Aug 28, 2013 05:13 AM

good vegan food but not all vegan restaurant recommendations

A family member became vegan (no meat no cheese) about a year ago. We have a dinner party coming up before the theatre and we are looking for recommendations on somewhere that has a decent variety vegan fare. With a majority of the party not vegan we are looking for the best of both worlds. Ideally around the junction (bloor and landsdown or dundas and bloor) but we are fleixble provided it is in Toronto / north york.

Any ideas friends? Would also need to be large enough to host a table of 8.

Thanks in advance everyone..

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  1. Maybe try Woodlot. They always have a two menus - meat and vegtables but I would give them a call to see if they can do vegan.

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      Woodlot has a great veggie/ vegan menu. It mirrors their regular menu.

    2. Why not just go to a vegan restaurant?

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        No one EVER wants to be forced to eat vegan for the one single person in a big group. If it were that person's bday or some sort of special event for that specific person sure but if not, I for one would be fully p*ssed.

        No meat, sure. No cheese or butter, why even bother eating it? Might as well skip salt as well.

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          Not necessarily. Have you tried Grasslands?

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            If you mean the place on Queen West that used to be Fressen (sp) yes and I'm not a fan. I was forced to go for a vegan's bday. Not my thing - and my mom is vegan, and has been for decades now, so I'm also not a newbie to these things or uneducated. Just not my cup of tea - at all, ever. :-)

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              I hear ya!! It's not for everybody.

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                Laughs everyone a very helpful and interesting thread. I agree no meat, fine. However no fish cheese or butter... Lol no thanks. I shared this thread he vegan and he says he'll outlive us all. Lol ill go down with the meat/cheese/butter ship with a full belly :) farmhouse looks good and close to where we are headed. Thanks all!

        2. The Living Room at the Windsor Arms has a very large vegan menu.

          1. What about the Farmhouse Tavern? It just received a great review from Amy Pataki in the Star. She said the vegetable dishes are the star attraction. That being said, it isn't a vegetarian restaurant. They have burgers, and rib eye steaks on the menu, just to name a few of their meat dishes.

            1. Tabule and Jerusalem both have some vegan dishes (mejadra, rice-stuffed grape leaves, hummus, baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, etc), and their meat dishes are great.

              If you're open to Indian food, might want to consider an Indian place that serves south Indian food. Moti Mahal, Saravanaa Bhavan and Udupi Palace serve vegan dosas and other vegan dishes even non-vegans like me enjoy.

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                I always forget about Tabule being a good vegan option! They even have notes on the menu to reflect veg choices. Good reminder Prima!