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Aug 28, 2013 04:21 AM

Red and green meat "radishes" available in Montreal ?

Is it possible to find "radishes" with red meat and green meat as seen in this video ?

They are in fact turnips.

I've never seen them at JTM



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  1. I've seen the ones with red meat being called watermelon radishes if that helps you. I don't think I've seen them at the markets though.

    1. Not quite the same as in the video, but I bought red turnip at JTM last week, looked like this

      (I wanted to make Galician grelos, but, well, didn't get around to it...they're still in the fridge wilting to all hell...)

      1. I bought some of the red meat (watermelon) radishes two years ago but did not see any last year nor any so far this year. When I did acquire them they were at Mme Pinsonneault's stand at Atwater (across from the poissonnerie).

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          The only time I've ever had them (watermelon radishes) was when they came in our CSA basket last year.

        2. Bumping up this thread - watermelon radishes were available last week at the McGill farmers market - hopefully they will have them again this week. They are very sweet, and do, in fact, look very much like small turnips.
          I'm guessing they are a late-season vegetable, so it's possible places like Birri may have them now as well.