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Aug 28, 2013 03:59 AM

Similans Thai Eatery??? - Greenbriar Shopping Center

Meeting friends there on Sunday for dinner. Anyone here tried it? Anything other than seafood that's a "don't miss?" The on-line menu looks a little light.

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  1. Well, OK. It's kind of an interesting place, small, in a strip at the edge of a big shopping center. Bonefish Grill is a couple of doors down. The name comes from an island chain where there's great diving, so the decor is sort of sea-oriented, fortunately not too tacky.

    Had a group of 8, but mostly we were talking about things other than food. Two vegetarians, two non-seafood eaters, one heavy seafood eater, and everyone was pleased with their food. I had Gai Grob which was crispy chicken nuggest in a spicy sauce, topped with crisp fried basil leaves. I thought it was really tasty. The two durnken noodlers, one chicken, one beef approved. There was a tofu with roasted garlic and white pepper in a light sauce, and the seafood eater inhaled a pot of mussels with a smile.

    It was pretty cheap, too. If it was closer, I'd go back.

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      Where is Greenbriar? Way out 50 somewhere?

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        It's on 50 just west of Fairfax County Pkwy.

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          I think that officially it's in Chantilly, and it's on the left as you're going west. There's a traffic light and a sign for Greenbriar Shopping Center 2nd Light about 1/4 mile before it.