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Aug 28, 2013 12:58 AM

Scratch Kitchen and Comida Mexicana in Salem?

Searches revealed older posts and I'm wondering if anyone has recent experiences in these spots? They both seem very 'local vendor' and 'made from scratch' oriented ,and they both get good reviews from some other sites. Scratch did seem a bit high priced for some of their brunch items ($8 for biscuits and gravy? really?) but still looked very promising. TIA.

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  1. I had brunch at Scratch about 2 months ago. It was terrific. Not inexpensive, but a thoughtful menu and hot/fresh/flavorful food. I had eggs, my DC had french toast. Their bacon is house made and the best I've ever had. Really. We got take-out from Comida, but it was right after they opened, so we need to re-try.

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      Yes' I concur-,well worth the price- quality sometimes costs a bit more-
      Biscuits and gravy( was a white sausage gravy(?)--- yum

    2. I recently had the brisket sandwich at Scratch and it was some of the best smoked brisket I've had. They claim its Montreal style, but it was more like southern smoked brisket and less like pastrami. Also had a really nice cup of chowder and house made potato chips.

      1. I went to Scratch for lunch about 3 months ago. I had a bacon quesadilla that was outstanding. Also, the basket of homemade potato chips they put on the table was so very tasty. I liked it very much. I was alone, and I will add that the service was very good, and friendly making it a pleasant stop for solo dining.

        1. We ate at Scratch today for lunch and really enjoyed it. We had a brisket reuben and a smoked salmon BLT accompanied by beer from a brewery we had never heard of, Left Hand Brewing. Slices of toasted bread were thin instead of thick, so the bread did not overwhelm the rest of the sandwich. Staff was very friendly.

          1. Lunch at Scratch Kitchen today. Live in Salem, but first time at Scratch due to dubious feedback.

            First off, service is...well...weird. No one seems to know what's going on, and our wait person said as much. Dining companion got fish tacos (pollack was the fish today); She really liked it. I was craving brisket so got brisket sandwich. Good bread, came with pickled veggies and good mustard. Brisket was mostly fat.

            Other than my disappointing sandwich (hey, it happens) the service here is, by their own admission, odd. Waitstaff kept explaining why they were out of Chardonnay, then found one, why they charged for every extra salsa for the fish tacos, and the Swiss cheese for the brisket.

            I don't recommend the place.


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              Sorry that you had a disappointing time. My lunch there in April knocked it out of the park, both for food (their awesome burger with housemade bacon, and housemade chips) and for exceedingly cheery and solicitous service. I think consistency can be the bane of small operations.