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Aug 27, 2013 08:05 PM

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Some Current Local Recs

It's been ages since I was last in Dhaka, the atmospheric and sometimes chaotic capital of Bangladesh. But the lovely Bengali food there still lingered on in my taste memory and remained some of the best I'd had on the Indian sub-continent.

Recently, I was discussing eating options with a couple of visiting Bangladeshi colleagues here in Singapore, and recounting my meals at 2 of Dhaka's most well-established dining places: Dhansiri and Kasturi.

Well, to those two above, my Dhaka friends recommended 3 of their favourite dining spots:
- Star @ Kawran Bazar for 'Kachchi Biriyani'.
- Fakruddin, also for 'Kachchi Biriyani' - it's so well-known, even British TV chef, Rick Stein, had done an episode there ( Fakruddin even has a branch in Singapore, so I'm planning to pop in there next week to try their famous biriyani.
- Ghorowa Restaurant for their famous 'Khichuri'.

Hope to go to Dhaka again one day soon, and try 'fuchka' & 'chotpotty' (the Bengali take on puri snacks), and also 'Bhorta' (meaning 'mashed') where vegetables and dried/non-dried fishes are mixed with mustard oil and spices, and eaten with steamed white rice or breads.

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