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Jun 25, 2004 10:31 AM

RIP Solley's...where to go now?

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Was way bummed on a recent trip back to Big D to find that Solley's is gone. Apparently George's kids were not interested in the business, so he shut it down, the building razed.

My wife went so far as to look him up in the phone book and called him to see if she could get the potato salad and cole slaw recipes (2 of my favorite renditions anywhere on the planet). He talked a little bit about how they did the potato salad (mashed potatoes, fair amount of pickle juice) and said they might wind up doing a cookbook.

So for our Q fix we went to a newer Sonny Bryan's out on Campbell. It was OK, but not good enough to keep us from trying to find our "new" North Dallas spot for Q.

GuideLive speaks very highly of BoneDaddy's, and the "atmosphere" certainly sounds interesting.

Anyone been there recently?

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  1. Bone Daddy's is the Hooter's of BBQ. Lot's of young girls in t-shirts doing the serving in a TGIFridays atmosphere. The food is good given the deplorable state of bbq in Dallas. You order from a menu, which is unusual for bbq. You also will not get a "platefull." Which may be a good thing, actually.
    Sammy's near the Crescent usually gets good reviews.
    Lately, I've been getting my brisket fix at Mi Cocina and Taco Diner with their brisket tacos. Mia's also has them as a special on the weekends.

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      Mia's brisket tacos are always available. They're just not on the menu. (The only special I know of there that isn't always available is their chile relleno--with a well above average picadillo, by Dallas's unimaginative standards--which you can only get on Tuesday nights.) Anyone who hasn't tried the brisket tacos really ought to. They're not bbq in any way, though.


    2. I realize it's a chain, but with no Solly's, I get my fix at Dickie's, southwest corner of Preston & Belt Line. There's dang little else, really. And the potatos au gratin with bacon are sheer ecstasy when covered in enough pepper to make you sneeze. Take advantage of the free fixins and you have a pretty dang good plate of BBQ.

      That Sonny Bryant's you mentioned is totally pedestrian, BTW. I keep going back, hoping that someone has been fired, but no love so far.