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McDonald's doing Chicken Wings

Something new for the deep fryer

**Mighty Wings**

What took so long?


Bad news for current wing players?


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  1. Wonder if these are like the bizarre ground pork extruded "ribs" they tried?

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      As reported in the article, as well as elsewhere, they are bone-in wings.

    2. BNN reports they are only available in the States!! Sigh!!

      1. I tried wings at a McD's in Chicago in the early 90's. They were quite serviceable if memory serves.


        1. As they are breaded it won't matter to me. I can't stand breaded wings, naked, fried with sauce on them is my way

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            Breaded wings are heresy, I agree. I also think wings at a fast food place are an inherently bad idea. They take 12ish minutes to fry, and they MUST be served fresh - no one wants to wait 12 minutes for their order at McDs.

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              I tried some in NC over the weekend, and they were not only breaded, but VERY heavily breaded. On top of that, they were a little overcooked, so that some of the breading had a burned flavor. I was not impressed at all. Ironically, the drummies seem to come from larger chickens than the flappers, as the flappers were bigger with significantly more meat than the drummies.

          2. I tried the Mighty Wings. I was not impressed. They were edible, but that's the best I can say. There was too much breading, and the heat (cayenne?) didn't help.

            I prefer my wings without a flour coating, and with Frank's Red Hot sauce.

            1. I like them a lot. They were a bit spicy but fried perfectly. It would be nice to see them stay on the menu.

              1. Just had them an hour ago---they were good! (Will wonders never cease.) Real chicken, a little spicy, crispy.

                1. <Bad news for current wing players?>

                  I don't think McDonald will seriously threaten the big wing guys (KFC, Popeye...etc), at least not for awhile.

                  1. blechhh! i don't mind the breading but it does leave the skin as flabby fat; i like non-breaded, crispy skin with hot sauce spooned on or wings marinated in it...

                    1. I haven't tried them, but a long lost friend actually bothered to text me last night to inform me that apparently they are better than Popeye's...what, doubtful but an interesting thought.

                      1. FWIW, my memory of the ones I tried over 20 years ago would never be called "Over breaded." If memory serves, they were lightly breaded on the outside. Probably just a dusting of flour.