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Aug 27, 2013 06:17 PM

TJ's marianted curry chicken is disgusting!

I bought it on a whim thinking that it could make a quick easy meal. Cooked it as directed and it is literally the worst thing I have ever tasted in recent memory. I took one bite and threw out the rest. The coriander was so strong it tasted like you where eating a bag of spices rather than chicken that was spiced. I rarely find things so revolting that I throw it away because it pains me to throw away food. Ugh this was that bad! Thank you for listening to my vent...I can now move on.

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  1. They're pretty good about customer satisfaction. Maybe write corporate and let them know what you think ;). You'll probably get a coupon, if not a refund.

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      You don't even have to do that. Just go to any TJ's, tell them what happened and if you have any packaging or a receipt for sure they'll give you a refund...without that, I'm certain they'll at least give you credit towards something else. They are outstanding about this, and indeed encourage customers to try new things with the clear understanding that if you don't like it, you get your money back...or a credit. When trying something new, I always hold on to the receipt until I've tasted it.

    2. Trader Joe's is fantastic about giving you a refund if you don't like something. Just go in and talk to the customer service desk, they will without a doubt make it right.

      1. Oh thank goodness! I thought it was me and my unrefined palate. I love even the most mediocre Indian food but this was "spit it out in my napkin" gross. Not sure I've fully recovered.

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          Well, it could have been a bad lot. Are there many others who really dislike this curry chicken product?