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Aug 27, 2013 05:54 PM

30th Birthday Party/large group/vegas/dinner Help!

I was planning on the dinner to be at StK however I just found out it is 200 per person. I do not feel like I can ask people to spend this there. I want somewhere like this..trendy fun hip but more in the 100 range. Any suggestions? I am at a loss. There are 16-20 guests coming. And a private room would be great.

(and btw somewhere somewhat close to Cosmoplitan where we are staying) Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan has a private room, but it's definitely fun and could fit within that budget.

    1. Jaleo is a great idea if there is a private room.

      Other options might include Rx Boiler Room at the Mandalay Bay; this is Rick Moonen's new gastropub and I think the food is pretty solid and it should be possible to do in that range or Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock (which has nice patio space).

      Some other places that might merit consideration: DOCG at the Cosmo has pretty tasty food and is fun, but I'm not sure would have the privacy/space you might want; the Barrymore is a retro steakhouse but is not close to the Cosmo; there is also a sushi restaurant, Social House, in Crystals (the shopping mall between City Center and the Cosmo) that might merit a look.....

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