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Aug 27, 2013 05:33 PM

Great Eastern [San Francisco]

Since I have discovered that Akiko is closed on Saturdays for lunch, I was wondering about Great Eastern as an alternative. I know it isn't the same but it is close by and how bad can it be?

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  1. Ummm...if you were planning on spending the cash for Akiko's, then I would say Yank Sing for dim sum instead. Maybe Lai Hong Lounge as a more budget friendly option, or R&G Lounge for Cantonese non-dim sum.

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    1. re: W42

      I would second Yank Sing if you were going to spend the cash for Akiko's, as W42 said!

    2. To answer your question, it's not bad at all. Depends on what you're looking for, of course. You can skip dim sum and go for the live seafood. For something different try Z&Y on the same block for Peking duck and Sichuan specialities.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I appreciate all of your responses.
        We did Yank Sing last year. We will be with our grands and want to remain in the area. Money is not the problem -- decent food is.
        It just seemed to me that Great Eastern couldn't be all that bad and is close by to our hotel in Union Square.
        Thanks Ruth, for the suggestion of Z & Y. I will look into that one too. Sounds possible as well.

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          Thank you Ruth. I took your advice and liked the Z & Y menu better.

        2. Great Eastern is standard good dim sum and very good seafood. haven't been there for a while. with the lines present since the prez visited, don't plan to go back.

          yuet lee on broadway is good for hong kong styled seafood. curry dishes fab too.

          feeling shanghaiese? bund shanghai @640 Jackson has excellent xlb and other shanghai delights. last time in, the owner told me they validated parking for portsmouth square.

          hometown cooking, chinese american style?
          -new lung ting@670 jackson st.
          lamb curry stew, meat loaf, chow mein, won ton
          -new woey loy goey @699 jackson st.
          cheap deliz chinese eats with american menu also
          it's in the cellar, not for the claustrophobic

          adventurous chinese food @ capital , 839 clay st.
          -place is packed always,
          -menu mostly in chinese, pics on wall with pricing.
          -deliz food at reasonable prices

          note: would avoid any eatery passing out flyers, not a good omen.

          1. I'd always found Great Eastern's cooking a bit more "authentic" than R&G's. But loved both places - best picks if I'm in Chinatown.

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              Well I've heard that R&G Lounge has two (teams of) chefs, one responsible for Americanized Chinese food and one for "authentic" Cantonese food. In any case, R&G's food is higher-end as reflected in their prices. If decor is not an issue, and you are more adventurous eaters, I'm sure I (and many others here) can offer interesting alternatives in Chinatown.