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Aug 27, 2013 05:32 PM

Rock Harbor Grill- Orleans, Cape Cod

Wow, this is the hot spot for the summer on the lower Cape. The owner is invested, involved and sincere. His waitstaff rocks. The menu is creative and innovative. The food is sublime. Loved my daughter's frites that came with her perfectly cook steak. My Ahi tuna was delicious.. Mom loved her beef dinner and haddock chowder. We ordered a bottle of Tohu Savignon Blanc..outstanding and so cool as it's a Maori owned winery! We shared the sticky pudding. VERY good. Perfect setting, perfect meal.

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  1. I haven't been to RHG, yet. We dropped in on friends in Eastham on Friday night,and talked about going there. But after a cocktail, we decided ordered pizza and eat in, instead. I'm glad that you have given it the seal of approval

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      Starting the 5th, they are serving late night pizza. The wine alone is worth the trip..

    2. I had dinner there tonight with my husband and teenaged kids. My husband raved about the tuna. The kids were tired of seafood so we shared the burger, pizza and a salad. Everything was delicious! We loved the warm pretzels served before dinner with honey mustard butter. The service was great, despite the huge crowd. When we left we heard the hostess tell someone the wait for a table was 120 minutes.

      I hope they are able to keep up with the crowds!

      1. We had a lovely dinner there a few weeks ago. They have a gluten-free menu, which is fabulous when we bring dad out!

        1. After lo these many years I have to finally disagree w Phelana. We went on a Friday. The place was crowded, very hot and the wait staff was amateurish. Had to canstantly ask for things, especially water. Had to flag down the busboy to find our waitress at times too. The food was the worst we have had on the Cape in years. Two of us ordered pizzas. Not one but BOTH were burnt (literrally burnt black) on the entire outer third of these small pies. My burger was decent tasting but pretty dry for "medium" and the bottom and top of the bun were burnt too! Curiously, this was a second visit for the 2 couples we were with and they both felt the place was not good, but wanted to give it another shot. No more I guess.

          Moving on, my SO had the cod which sounded great on the menu but looked more like a stew and tasted pretty bland. One of us ordered the garganelli pasta which looked like cafeteria food. It was said to br "OK". We dared not try desserts

          On a positive note, the cocktails were strong and well made at least.

          This place may do well just because the Cape is so busy and, well, you have to eat somewhere, but I will be a long time before we return, if ever.

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            Whoa....your experience is a COMPLETE 180 from the OP's. I was excited to try this place, now I'm not so sure. I'll post my thoughts if we do, but not sure I want to chance it now.

          2. We were in the area two weeks ago and had two meals there. Both were excellent- from delicious slightly salty pretzel rolls, to appetizers through dessert. The first time we shared the mussels with frites as an appetizer. Wonderful garlic, tomato white wine broth with a garlic aioli. I had a shrimp and scallop casserole, served in a teeny cast iron skillet with a perfectly grilled (i.e. slightly charred) ear of corn and roasted potatoes, while my SO had the short ribs. We shared sticky pudding for dessert- excellent. The second meal we shared a pizza with lamb sausage, peppers, olives and peppers- perfectly cooked and perfectly loaded with toppings. We also had the kale salad- made with tender baby kale and the lobster mac and cheese which was loaded with lobster. And had to get that sticky pudding again. The service was attentive but not intrusive. The owner stopped by to discuss where he got his sticky pudding recipe from when I raved about the dessert. I'm wondering if thos' party brought up any of their concerns with the owner? CapeCodGuy- why would one bad review turn you off, when the others are very positive? Give it a try.

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              We liked the sticky pudding, Leslie..a real treat. The owner went out of his way to insure all flowed well.

              I know in the opening days, heat was a factor. We actually were sweaters the night we dined early Sept. I think Jillian and I go back Friday night for wine and apps. The Tohu Savignon Blanc is reason enough for me to go back. LOVE this place.

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                Fair enough Leslie, and certainly the positive buzz far outweighs the negative at this point. Recs one way or the other are never what makes me try or not try a local place. I'll always use my own judgement first time around. If the general feeling is a place sucks, I may not give it another chance if my experience is lacking. If the recs are generally positive, however, I'll almost always give a place a second chance.