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Aug 27, 2013 04:48 PM

Quality of the beef at H Mart?

I love my local H Mart for its produce, the plethora of other items they carry, as well as some of the fish. I knew that they routinely carried less common parts of the cow, pig, chicken, etc. but I only realized last week that they also have nearly every cut of those animals and many cuts which I've been going to a specialty store for (e.g. hanger steak, flat iron steak). Does anyone have much experience with the quality of the beef at H Mart?

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  1. My S.O. doesn't like it.... too gamy tasting. Both beef and pork.
    I love the different cuts, but also notice it is a bit gamy. I am not sure where it comes from either. We typically buy "clean meats" and that is not advertised at H Mart where I shop so I assume it is all factory farmed and feedlot meat.

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      Hmm, gamy? I guess I'm not sure what that might taste like in reference to beef. I do eat a lot of grass fed beef so perhaps what some people call gamey about that or lamb? Yea, it'd be interesting to know where it comes from. I also have not bought it likely because I never even pondered to look at it because like you I like to know where my meat comes from (generally buy it at from either a local National chain grocery like Safeway which at least tells me where it's from or Whole foods, Wegmans or a known butcher where I get the best information) and had the same assumption as you that's it's factory feed lot meat you which prompted my question. I didn't know if someone had source information or a good experience with it. Thanks for your feedback.

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        I order a half or a quarter of grass fed beef for my freezer each year but it tastes clean. My H Mart beef and pork tastes a bit "strong". The pork can taste "piggy" and the beef a bit " cow-y" if that makes sense. I am not sure if it is a quality or freshness issue or not. I can still enjoy it, but the SO does not and is starting to leave it on the plate (not usual). I am not buying it from there anymore for that reason.

        I would think different h marts meats would be different by location though. I would suggest you try a short rib and see what you think because they will taste the strongest of all the cuts-lots of fat and dark muscle meat.

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          Very true, maybe I'll give it a shot. At their prices, it's not too much of a gamble. Random question but does your grass fed beef come vacuum sealed? I have recently started to buy it in bulk when my local store gets the primals in and it's always fared well when triple wrapped but I'm always leary of how long to leave it in there.

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            I buy mine from a local rancher, about 10 minutes up the road from me. I have it packed at the meat packing company and I can designate what cuts I want and in what size or weight ( like ground beef in 1, 2 or 3 lb packages, brisket, ribs cut long, soup bones in 4 inch pieces, etc). They label it and wrap it crazy tight in plastic, then again in an excessive amount of butcher/freezer white paper and tape. It will last 2 years in the freezer with no freezer burn whatsoever.

            I highly recommend doing this if you like clean beef. It is amazingly cost effective and easy.

            1. re: sedimental

              Yea, it sounds like a great idea. I think my wrapping seems like it should be pretty good although I'd love to buy it in larger quantity as you do.

    2. Before I jump in here to give my opinion on the beef....what cuts are you interested in....or is your query focused in general terms of the overall quality on a daily basis?

      One should note that some stores have butchers counters for custom cuts....while others do not.

      1. I was wondering this too. I found out there's an H mart right near my new job. I haven't gone yet, but I'd love to find a more convenient alternative to Costco for beef. My regular supermarket's beef is just "meh".

        1. I shop at the H Mart in Edison, NJ, which does have butchers behind the counter. But whenever I’ve asked them for anything, they point me toward the prepackaged meats. Not sure why, but it’s happened twice.

          I tried their beef a couple of times, but it just doesn’t compare in quality with what I can get in Costco. In fact, I don’t think most of their meat or poultry is as good as what I can get elsewhere, including NYC Chinatown. Their pork ribs aren’t particularly meaty, and I’ve found the frozen ducks to be tough and stringy. I’ll buy things like chicken feet or whole chickens with heads and feet for stock, but only for convenience if I happen to be there anyway. They don’t sell chicken carcasses, for instance, which I can find easily in Chinatown and their prices for feet and whole chickens aren’t any better than in Chinatown.

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            wow...I've bought both beef and pork at the Edison H-mart and have always found both to be fantastic. The pork bellies they sell are particularly nice.
            The aforementioned H-Mart and the Asian Food Center in Piscataway are just about the ONLY places I buy my meats anymore.

            Different strokes, I guess!

          2. I've only shopped at the Hartsdale, NY location, but I think their meats are fantastic. Every now and then their rib eye steaks are so well marbeled that they look like prime, but at the price of choice. Taste great.