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Aug 27, 2013 04:23 PM

Vilux Champagne Vinegar

I used to buy liter bottles of Vilux Champagne Vinegar at Traverso's in Santa Rosa. Sadly, they are gone, and I can't seem to find it any place else in Sonoma County. Amazon has it for a ridiculous price, and I would rather not by it online if I can help it.

Anyone seen it around?

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  1. I am in Austin, so it does not matter if I have seen it BUT I used to buy it and shifted to making my own vinegar from white wine. It compares favorably, is way cheaper, and is fun.

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      I occasionally make my own vinegar from wine, but in this case I am using it to make pickles, and want to be sure the acidity is right so that my zucchini doesn't spoil in the jar.

    2. I've bought it most recently at Gourmet Corner in San Mateo and Berkeley Bowl.

      1. Pretty sure its carried at Rainbow Grocery.