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La Cubana: The owner of Delux is bringing Cuban Snacks to Roncy


So excited! There's even going to be a take-out window for doughnuts. Does it get better than this?!

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  1. Donuts AND coffee...mmm...and they (Delux) have good coffee. Have you ever had their french toast (with bananas, dulce de leche, whipped cream and maple syrup) off their brunch menu, kwass? OMG - it's spectacular. Gotta put that on one of your sweet treat tours.

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      No I haven't. But it's now going to the top of my list! Thanks pp!

      1. re: kwass

        Sweeeet! Let me know what you think. I find it swoon-worthy.

        1. re: peppermint pate

          I absolutely will! I think I'm going to go the weekend after labour day weekend :)

      2. re: peppermint pate

        Hi pp. I took your advice and went to Delux this morning for the french toast. All I can say is thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

        OMG it was so good!! In general, I prefer a thicker cut french toast. But this was sublime! Like you said, the combination of bananas, dulce de leche, maple syrup and whipped cream, was sublime. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually took a spoon, once I had finished the french toast, and ate whatever sauce was left on my plate ;)

        1. re: kwass

          Ah, just saw this now - so glad you loved it! Agree with the general preference for a thicker bread but the flavour combination here is so, so good, it just works. Really like their breakfast sandwich as well.

          1. Read they were making an appearance @Polish Fest.

            Has it opened up yet?

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              I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm going to go with no for now. But don't quote me on it ;)

            2. La Cubana is now open, walked by earlier this evening. Regular menu from 11am until "late". Also has a brunch menu. Very bright decor and music seems fairly loud. Anybody been?

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              1. re: lylaa

                Wow! Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to see if I can find a menu online.

                1. re: kwass

                  I just checked. The menu isn't online yet.

                1. re: kwass

                  Just went for a late lunch.. a bit annoying because it says that it's open all day, but they stopped serving at 3, and couldnt' wait for us to leave at 4! That said, great cubana sandwich.. and got a side order of slaw that I almost drank, it was so good. I'll be going back for sure..

                  1. re: rstuart

                    I love this place!

                    Do not expect "Cuban" food here, it's "Cuban inspired" which is actaully better in my opinion since I've been to Cuba, and authentic Cuban food is incredibly bland and fatty.

                    La Cubana's food is always amazingly yummy and I always wish I had more room in my stomach to keep eating. On top of which, I went for brunch with my toddler and they were fantastic at handling a family. The atmosphere is fun too (wait staff were dancing to the cuban music).

                    I'm so glad they replaced what was there before.

                    1. re: Anita Nap

                      What have you eaten there Anita?

                      1. re: kwass

                        Conch Frituras
                        Chorizo Empanadas
                        Bean and Cheese Empanadas
                        Tostones Rellenos
                        Pressed Cubano Sandwich
                        Grilled Fish Sandwich
                        Short Rib Sandwich
                        Traditional Sandwich
                        Cuban Breakfast
                        French Toast

                        Do I have a favourite? no :) But I would say that the cuban breakfast is better than the french toast and the conch frituras are not to be missed.

                        1. re: Anita Nap

                          I've had the french toast @ Delux, and it was up there with the best french toast I've ever had! How is the grilled fish sandwich?

                          1. re: kwass

                            had the medianoche sandwich and really enjoyed, touch on the small side for me but pretty tasty.

                            1. re: kwass

                              The french toat was really good. Moist and sweet without being too sweet so definitely worth getting... I think you're missing the mark though if you don't get the cuban breakfast. Although the french toast is fantastic, you can't get the Cuban breakfast anywhere else.

                              Hmm... maybe you should just get both and take the leftovers home :)

                              The fish sandwich was also really good, but I preferred the short rib at the time. That's not to say that either is better, it maybe is just what your mood is at the time. Everything there is prepared really well and balanced.

                              1. re: Anita Nap

                                Thanks Anita! It's definitely on my list. And I really appreciate your recs!

                  2. La Cubana has their menus on their Facebook page. You will find the three menus attached.

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                    1. re: lylaa

                      Thanks for posting lylaa. I've been dying to see the menu :)

                    2. love the space. they made it feel kitchy kinda fun.

                      i had almost the entire menu. everything is good value overall.

                      best thing are their cocktails. creative, tasty, reasonably priced. if not cheap at $10/2oz drink.

                      also really like their habanero hot sauce (tho its not very spicy)

                      and absolutely loved the chorizo empanadas.

                      - khao san road

                      1. Really enjoyed my brunch on the weekend. I had the chorizo empanadas and friend had slow roasted pork. If I went back for brunch I would definitely order the slow roasted pork after the taste I had.

                        I like the decor as well. Good vibe overall and was happy with the service.

                        1. Went last night. Another thumbs up. Deft hand with the frying, everything was crispy, hot and greaseless. The corn fritters were light and fluffy almost like a corn flavoured donut but with a crunchier crust. Oddly enough the donuts were denser and much like I've had at other restaurants. In total tried the chorizo empanadas, corn fritters, tostones, both cuban sandwiches, donuts and key lime pie. Maybe I need to eat salad or something. This was way too much food for two people. Key lime was done in a mason jar, which is a pet peeve of mine. I would rather see chefs take the time to make real desserts instead of this shortcut trend, but the flavour was fine. I would go back and this is across town for me. Brunch looks enticing. They don't take reservations.

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                          1. re: dubchild

                            Maybe I'm wrong, but it strikes me that filling up a bunch of individual mason jars with pie components would actually be more time consuming than filling up one pie dish. I suspect this is more of a presentation thing than a shortcut thing (ie. all the cool kids are doing it).

                            1. re: Michael N

                              I meant to reply earlier and didn't have time. This point is probably not even important. In some other post I pointed out that what I would call traditional desserts seem a thing of the past and now whenever I go out the choices are something plated like a deconstructed dessert or something like pudding in a cup, or a mess. Maybe I'm looking for the conclusion I'm drawing but is budino on very Italian menu now? These desserts strike me as something a chef would make and not a pastry chef. So when I saw this key lime pie, for me, it was like, here we go again. By shortcut I didn't mean time as much as didn't take the time to learn traditional technique. Like I said the flavour of the pie was fine and maybe this is a baked pie just done in a mason jar, or maybe this is a no bake pie which is like pudding in a cup. Other than donuts, I think, the other desserts were two different flavoured custards. Custards, puddings, messes, deconstructed whatever is all fine, I just wish it wasn't the norm.

                              1. re: dubchild

                                Fair enough. And I completely agree about deconstructed desserts -- they can be interesting, but I don't think I've ever had a deconstructed dish that was even close to as good as a really well executed version of the original thing.

                            2. re: dubchild

                              I was there a few weeks ago, and must agree that the food is FANTASTIC!! My only complaint is the service. We were ignored for most of our meal. And getting the waitress' attention was next to impossible!

                              1. re: kwass

                                Maybe we got lucky and had no service issues. But it is something to keep in mind if we go from brunch or something when they may be busy.

                                1. re: dubchild

                                  I was actually there for lunch that day, and I think there were only 2 other tables in the restaurant. For that reason, IMO, there was really no excuse for inattentive service. But, who knows, maybe they were just having an off day.