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Aug 27, 2013 03:52 PM

NO Restaurant Week - top picks?

We happen to be headed to NO for the weekend when Restaurant week is on. We have booked:
RedFish Grill

What should we change, if anything.? Where would you go? thanks!

NO Restaurant week:
Andrea's Restaurant: Northern Italian Cuisine
Antoine's Restaurant
Arnaud's Restaurant (dinner only)
August (dinner only)
Barcadia Bar & Grill
Besh Steak
Bourbon House
Byblos Restaurant- Magazine Street
Cafe Adelaide
cafe b
Cafe Giovanni (dinner only)
Commander's Palace
Court of Two Sisters (dinner only)
Criollo Restaurant (lunch only)
Desi Vega's Steakhouse
Dijon (dinner only)
Domenica (dinner only)
Drago's Seafood Restaurant (Metairie & New Orleans Hilton)
Galvez Restaurant (dinner only)
Grand Isle Restaurant
Mat and Naddie's (dinner only)
Morton's - The Steakhouse (dinner only)
Mr. B's Bistro
Muriel's Jackson Square
Pascal's Manale
Pat O'Brien's Courtyard
Pelican Club (dinner only)
Ralph's on the Park
Red Fish Grill
Red Gravy
Royal House
Sainte Marie Brasserie
Salu Southern European Bistro
The Country Club
Tivoli & Lee
Upperline Restaurant (dinner only)
Velvet Cactus

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  1. We have been in several cities, during their Restaurant Weeks, and try to avoid that, if at all possible. Last year, we moved a trip to DC by a week, so as to avoid RW, but one of the chosen restaurants decided to extend that for one more week, with no notice. That was a major let-down, and because of it, we will never dine there again, though we are in DC 2 - 3x per year, and often stay just down the block from them. No, I am not a fan of RW, anywhere.

    While RW does offer a patron a less-expensive taste, I have always found the limited menus to be, well "limiting."

    I would rather save up, and then do the regular full menu.

    That is just my personal observation, so do not let that affect your restaurant choices in RW.

    Some restauranteurs do feel that RW is a great marketing tool, but many do not, and a lot, who I know, have ceased to participate in it, in many US cities.

    I am sure that others can step up, critique the choices, and offer some worthwhile suggestions - I cannot, however.



    1. I agree with Bill Hunt that Restaurant Week is not my favorite time anywhere although I don't know that I would cross a place of my list just because of the RW offerings. I have been in places only a couple of times during the event and have never ordered those offerings. Nowadays I keep an eye out for RW so that I can go places that won't observe it or where I can avoid it. It is a good idea for places fighting for those tourist 9and sometimes local) dollars and it can hook a soon-to-be-loyal customer. But often it seems to me to be chance for people who normally would not go to, say, Commander's Palace, to try to see what it is like. Ought to try it sometime and RQ is a relaxed option.

      your list is big and I think repeats a lot of things. Borgne has been getting good reviews lately and I think Brian does a fine job. But it is trendy for my tastes. Your Arnaud's will give you a taste of the codified classics. Maybe you'd want to vary the program a little with Emeril's Delmonico? You are on a short schedule it seems.

      For my part though I stick to regular spots and if it is a weekend in the French Quarter, I'll just go to Clancy's.

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      1. re: hazelhurst

        My biggest complaint with that particular restaurant was that first, the extended RW by a week, and did not post that on their Web site, or notify me, when I moved our trip to miss RW, and dine there. We had hosted a business dinner, which was good, and I often had lunch (usually a cheese plate), and a couple of glasses of Montrachet, but we had never done a "couple's dinner" there. Their menu was horribly limited, as were their wine selections. They could not even do a cheese-course, or pour any dessert wines. I was flabbergasted, and they are off my list - even for lunches on the mall. Sorry, but I think that they "phoned it in," and not one dish was even mediocre. Had we only known, we could have dined at any of maybe 50 other restaurants in the general area, and I think that all would have been better.

        We almost rebooked a trip to SF, because of RW there. However, most of our favorites do not participate, so we did have plenty of options, and they were great.

        While I do a lot of charity "chef's events," where various restaurants will create their "signature dish," or something that the chef is working on, and those have been great, the limited menus at RW just do nothing for us.

        However, RW IS popular around the US, so many must not feel, as we do. So be it. Like I stated above, some restauranteurs DO feel that it is worthwhile for them, but other do not. Not sure what all the variables are?


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Given your description of the shabby and, to my way of thinking, Who needs You" treatment you got, I'd ex-them off too. And be sure to bandy about it to my friends. I boycotted a bad beer for fifty was finally sold and has been losing market share. (and I won the Roosevelt Hotel fight). My writ runs large...

          1. re: hazelhurst


            We have.

            Sorry to side-track this thread, as many, many folk LOVE RW, in almost every city, that celebrates it. I am set in my ways, and opinionated about an abbreviated menu, regardless of the price, when I wish to dine.

            I apologize,


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Now that we have thoroughly stomped upon the Restaurant Week concept, I will be a heretic. I like the idea.

              Sometimes reading these threads it seems like for some posters "money is no object." In that case, of course, it is best to walk into any restaurant and order whatever one wishes.

              But for some of us, money is not unlimited. RW beckons some who would not otherwise be able to visit fine dining restaurants, and offers them a special occasion. Persons with the means to dine out (but not indiscriminately) can likewise use RW as a chance to get a sense of the ambiance and style of particular restaurants, and the chefs in any given city have the chance to compete for new potential regulars.

              I am not in the "1%," so I get the appeal, although I don't "do" RW.. I tend to test out restaurants in other lunch, or with a few apps.

              However, I think it is great when fine dining establishments have fixed price specials and participate in promotions like Coolinary and RW and, even if one plans to order off the standard menu, I don't see any reason to stay away while such promotions are taking place.

              I hope naomibs has a great visit and is not deterred from visiting so many of the great New Orleans restaurants that have RW specials.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                You are certainly welcome to your opinions.

                I am just not a fan, and many restauranteurs are not either. Most, that I know personally, are pulling back from the concept, as they end up with more complaints, than praises.

                To each their own.


        2. re: hazelhurst

          Do you all feel the same about COOLinary menus? I will be arriving in NOLA this evening, and my agenda includes some great restaurants who are offering such menus. In glancing at them, some of the offerings include items on the regular menu that I might well have ordered anyway, in which event they seem like a good deal. Or should I avoid those menus altogether?

          1. re: ClevelandRandy

            The coolinary menus are generally a good deal. I would not and do not avoid them, but some menus certainly are more worth it than others.

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              Well, I don't "do" those menus because I live here. I can jump in anytime. But for dipping your toe in the water and seeing what a place is all about,l sure..why not? But I'd look for a deal, such sa the one at Dominque which loks god to me. The offering of escargot Yvonne at Galtoire's would leave me wishing (A) that I'd have the escargot bourgionne with extra garlic (which is a LOT) and also wishing I'd had the main dish it alludes to, Crabmeat Yvonne, especially in August when crab is running well. I'd just ask the waiter if yo are missing out on something, keeping in mind the interests of the server for selling a $20 entrée (plus other goodies) over a set price.

          2. Eater posted a list of what they thought was the best of the is the link


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            1. re: MariaFeliz

              Out of those the ones that jump at me are Dominique's and Upperline. Don't see how those could fail even on a bad day. I hadn'tnoticed Eater do that--shows my skill at Internet stuf

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Well now that I reread the OP, I believe my link is incorrect. My link on Eater is for "COOLinary" which falls during the entire MONTH of August, and not really "restaurant week"..RW falls in September

            2. Thanks, all helpful. I have been to RWs for years, where I live in LA, or during my 15 years in DC - so I know what I am in for on RW - and I am just as likely to just order off the non RW menu if it does not work for me.

              We are only there for the weekend - so thanks for the tips.