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Aug 27, 2013 03:19 PM

Is Le Cirque closing?

Read that Circo will be closing next spring. Any word whether Le Cirque will be closing too? And if yes, do you know when? Le Cirque has become my favorite restaurant in LV, and I will be heartbroken to see it close.

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  1. I read on that Mario Maccioni is leaving.
    I hope that's not a sign of a dumbed down Le Cirque which would be even worse than them closing.

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    1. re: zippyh

      I think I may have read the same article, and it would be very sad to have a "dumbed down" Le Cirque or no Le Cirque.

      1. re: ellenost

        By this quote "who's leaving Las Vegas along with Le Cirque and Circo at the Bellagio after almost 15 years."

        I would say both him and the restaurants are pulling out.

        1. re: chris2269

          The impression I got from the articles is that Bellagio will be running the restaurant with their own internal team and that Sirio will visit a few times a year. Mario will no longer be involved.

    2. Has anyone called the restaurant to find out?

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      1. re: Eric

        I doubt whether they would be permitted to say anything at this point.

        1. re: ellenost

          No harm in calling anyway. You don't know if they can say anything without calling.

          1. re: Eric

            I just called and was told the restaurant is not closing.

            1. re: Eric

              That's great news. Thanks for calling.

      2. Any idea as to the timing of all of these changes? I have a reservation in mid-October....