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Aug 27, 2013 02:18 PM

decent priced tea service?

im looking to go with 4-6 people for my birthday for tea somewhere in the city most places i've seen are $50-60 and i don't want to make everyone else shell out that much does anyone know of any places that are decently priced?
i really liked tea and sympathy but they don't take reservations and seems a bit small

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  1. Bosie on Morton Street would be perfect. Their basic tea service is $29 per person.

    1. Podunk in the e village- no set menu, order a la carte with lots of choices
      Cha-An, also e village, tea sets start at $18
      **both of the above are cash only**

      1. I vote for Bosie too. A very cute space!

        1. Radiance for Chinese tea and snack.

          They recently opened another shop on 50th Street, which is more food-focused.

          1. thanks for all the recommendations ill check those out , i should probably mention i'm looking for an english style tea scones and sweets and such lol