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Aug 27, 2013 12:28 PM

How's my Paris trip look? Also need a monday restaurant.


So i'll be in Paris from the Sept 4-6 and then again on the 9th.
from the 4-6th I've got Chez Paul, Au Passage, Saturne, Spring, Septime and Verjus booked for lunch/dinner. Seems to be a pretty solid schedule. Are any one of those a gigantic miss?

Also, was wondering about a place to eat on monday. Staying near Gare Du Nord. I know alot of places aren't open on mondays. Was thinking Roseval , or traveling out to something like Atelier Vivanda. any other suggestions or notes would be great.

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  1. Congratulations on your appetite. Two meals a day for three days is a very bold stance. l wish you well and envy your capacities.
    All your choices are well known and well reviewed.
    Chez Denise is open on Monday and a short metro ride from G D Nord to Les Halles on the four line.

    1. Wow, bless you, you've done your homework.
      As the regulars here know, I love Ze Kitchen Galerie on Monday or any day; I think Ledeuil is an ever-changing magician, but Monday, while derided by some as the new Saturday, is not without other options, for instance;
      -Les Climats
      -Jin Xin Lou (totally unappreciated here)
      -Les Degres - (equally)
      -Le Cette(ditto)
      You've gotta understand, on CH there's only Spring, Septime, Frenchie, Chez l'Ami Jean, Les Papilles and a coupla other faves, otherwise you're eating dreck.
      When you say " traveling out to something like Atelier Vivanda" what are you talking about?, 20 minutes on the Metro? For a great meal of great meat. Easy money.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        thanks for the suggestions John, I definiitely used your blog as part of my research.

        and you're right 20 min on the metro is no big deal. It just looks alot further on google maps than it really is.

      2. Your list made me laugh: it's like the CH "greatest hits of Paris" collection, circa 2012-2013. But on a serious note, to me that line-up would be culinary overload. At some point the meals start to blend in with each other, and at some point my stomach can only absorb so much food . . . . . [or maybe I'm just a wee bit envious]

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        1. re: bauskern

          Ah, age does this.
          Once 2 3-stars a day was easy, now, oy.

          1. re: John Talbott

            Mr. Talbott, you're amazing; "once, 2 3-stars a day was easy". Thirty years ago, we went to Pic, Troisgros and Bocuse on successive nights. The night right after Bocuse, I had the worst case of heart burn. Thought I was having a heart attack. Never again. Looking back, that was total debauchery.

            1. re: PBSF

              I beg to dffer. Debauchery is fun. Overeating is not.

              1. re: PBSF

                "Mr. Talbott, you're amazing"
                Mr.Talbott was perhaps amazing 40 or 50 years ago but now he's barely able to limp through one 1-star a day. Sorry to give you a glimpse into the future but..........

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Like you, my future is already here.

            2. re: bauskern

              haha i don't get alot of chunks of time off of work, so i have to maximize my trips!

            3. ...there is a lot more to experience in Paris than its restaurants. With all those restaurants planned, you will miss the neighborhood boulangeries and little shops and street markets that have delightful food for a light lunch/snack, etc. When in Paris, I follow my nose.

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              1. re: laraffinee

                good point. I say that about New York City as well. It's easy to get caught up in planning. I did book later lunches and dinners. perhaps i'll use breakfasts and the monday for a little exploration. Have a wedding to go to in the Loire Valley during the weekend, hence the broken up time in Paris.

                1. re: gurizzy

                  I also agree with everyone that your list is a good one, but it is a lot of meals for a short visit.
                  For many of us, overeating is not overenjoying, quite the contrary.
                  Even if you have such enviable appetite, for your short trip you will be devoting about 5 hours a day to meals alone, not counting breakfast. .I agree with larafinee that Paris has much much more to offer.

              2. Okay. I'll wade in here for another contrarian opinion. So, here is your original list: Chez Paul, Au Passage, Saturne, Spring, Septime and Verjus.

                My first question would be, "Which Chez Paul?" I'm guessing it's either rue de Charonne or quai des Orfèvres. Quaint tho each may be, either could be expunged from your list without loss.

                Au Passage can be approached in several ways. You can order light and emerge with room for dinner at Septime which is also not a heavy hitter.

                Verjus could be approached in a similar wine-bar way, leaving appetite for Saturne which is worth your attention as a drinking and dining event..

                Spring, to me, is the only "big meal". And you now have a full day to approach it.

                So, I've totally screwed up your bookings but, I think, opened up a way for you to visit most of your target rooms. In all events, depending on your appetite and capacity, you can treat some of these good addresses as "plate and glass" meals rather than full meals and live to tell your original tale.

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                1. re: mangeur

                  I like this strategy. I think i can accomplish something similar to what you're saying with the way i booked it. thanks!

                  It's the rue de charonne Chez Paul. and i booked it because of continuous service on the day that i land. as i don't think i'd be able to make it anywhere before 230.

                  1. re: gurizzy

                    Like The Eater, I (belatedly) question Chez Paul which is not in a league with your other selections.
                    What day do you land, at what time, at what airport, staying near what Metro stop?

                    1. re: John Talbott

                      I land on Wed the 4th at 11am from NYC. at CDG. staying near Charonne metro.

                      1. re: gurizzy

                        So will you take the RER or at that hour (actually a taxi is good and get to your place at 1) and my Google map shows me you can be at the street of Culinary Dreams, Paul Bert, in but a few minutes and choose between three or five of the best places in town.
                        Speaking of which where is our culinary GPS/encylopedia-man when we need him - Parnassien, all is forgiven, come back from Italy, it's nice here, a bit cold sure but,.

                        1. re: John Talbott

                          If it all works out timing-wise. I will def stroll down Rue de Paul Bert and check things out. Thanks John.