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Aug 27, 2013 12:28 PM

November 2013 Openings and Closings

A bit early perhaps but after reading the sad, nostalgic news I thought it should be posted: According to Boston Restaurant Talk the Quencher Tavern in South Boston has sold their liquor license to the Painted Burro folks and the Quencher will be closing in November. I have many fond memories of drinking cheap beer and eating hot dogs with my roommates after moving to Southie right after college.

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  1. Boston Bagel Company, at the corner of East Broadway and L Street (former site of a bank) in Southie, looks like it's within a week or two of opening. Menu promises a variety of bagels, breakfast sandwiches, salads, deli-style sandwiches, and coffee.

    Bummer about the Quencher closing. Been getting my last licks in. It's a real old-time neighborhood place.

    1. Based on the email from Nookie to his Kickstarter backers, I would expect to see Commonwealth open in the early part of the month.

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        Urban Daddy Boston is saying Commonwealth is officially open Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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          Facebook indicates that they they have people in the space today.

      2. Slowbones Modern BBQ in Burlington should be opening in early to mid-November. The person behind it is one of the founders of Boston Market.

          1. Anyone know why The Waterside Tap and Grille in Methuen closed?


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              figured I would call this post back out - anyone know anything more on this space?