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Aug 27, 2013 12:18 PM

best soft roll for sliders?

When cooking for a crowd I'm often confronted with the dilemma of where to get reasonably priced soft smaller sized brioche type rolls..your thoughts??

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    1. King's Hawaiian sweet rolls.

      1. Do you get Martin's Potato Rolls there? Because their dozen pack is the answer to all my prayers, when it comes to slider rolls.

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        1. re: coll

          Sorry, no. Those aren't sold in Minnesota.

          Trader Joe's used to sell a six pack of pretty decent slider buns. I don't know if they still carry them. Other than that, I've had to bake my own. Not too difficult.

          1. re: Jordan

            Oh well. I've had it on my list to make my own burger rolls, but somehow still haven't gotten around to it. I have the recipe, I have the yeast, don't know what's stopping me!

            1. re: coll

              Up until today, maybe it was the heat!

              1. re: docfood

                You may be right. I was hoping to make some for a BBQ at some point; but with the weather the way it has been, probably still plenty of time!

          2. re: coll

            I love these and agree they are great. However, size is too big (and we don't get them here)..I needed 25 dozen rolls for an event I'm having..Way too many to bake my own :):) Am getting them at St. Agnes Baking Company...happy with that.. love Salty Tart of course!! But too $$$ for that number..Thanks for the suggestions..

            1. re: Dotcooks

              Oh I know what you're saying. I just get them for my husband and myself. For a party, I'd go another way. Unless I was REALLY trying to impress!

              But I think the size is perfect. It is a new size roll, one dozen to the package not six. In case you want to try for yourself sometime.

          3. I've yet to find anything better for sliders than white (aka 'snowflake' ) dinner rolls. The potato rolls just don't cut it for me...I dislike the texture...they're usually _too_soft. Just my personal taste...lots of people do like them though.

            As much as I despise (with a few notable exceptions) the lousy bread sold by the supermarket in-store "bakeries" that are so ubiquitous these days, the 'snowflake' rolls which many of them sell really fill the bill for great sliders. Apart from homemade rolls, they'r my first choice.