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Aug 27, 2013 12:04 PM

Which bakery has the best lemon birthday cake? [San Francisco]

I need a birthday cake for 20 people for my husband who loves all things lemon. No specific requirements as to type, but just fresh lemon flavor and a great tasting cake. It can be lemon flavored, lemon poppy seed as long as there is decorated frosting, have lemon curd, resemble a lemon tart as long as they can decorate it with "Happy Birthday", and also incorporate another fruit, such as blueberries.
We live in northwest San Francisco, so it would be great if the purveyor could be in that vicinity.
I usually buy his birthday cakes from Schubert's in the Richmond, and if I do not find an alternative, I will order from them again.
Thank you in advance for your help. I always appreciate your generous comments.

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  1. Tartine has a lemon meringue cake, but I have never tried it. Has anyone else?

    I also really love their lemon bars, though I think they only sell these individually? But you could add the "happy birthday" decoration yourself.

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      I've had a lemon custard cake for a birthday event, which was basically the large size of their small tarts. It comes with edible flowers, and it's very pretty. This wasn't a meringue, more of a lemon square, with a creamier texture, and it didn't come with any writing on top.

      Really good suggestion. I believe it's about $35, maybe a little more.

    2. "Citrus Dream Cake"
      Broderick between fell/oak
      Intense lemon...for an ordered cake it shouldn't be a problem but make sure it's made same day of pick up.

      Not crazy about Tartine's lemon meringue cake.

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        Thank you, cake baker. They do not have any photos on the website, so I have asked them to send me a photo.

        1. re: wellworld

          They do have photos of sorts if you look at the "order online" tab. The chocolate tower (a triangle) is a dramatic cake (although not lemon) for a birthday but don't remember what the design of a large citrus looks like. The website shows the cake sliced so you can see how it's filled.

      2. It's not in your 'hood--but it's an incomparably light, delicious, and beautiful lemon cake: Katarina Rozelle in Oakland (Rockridge).

        1. Although I'd still go with deLessio's Citrus Dream...I thought of another near Japantown...
          Yasukochi's Sweet shop
          1790 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115
          Although I always get the coffee crunch (like Blum's) they do make a lemon version although I've not tried it.
          Since its such a historic cake I thought I'd mention it and they do sell slices so you could try it first but they always sell out early so go in the morning.

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            I tried it once but stuck with the coffee crunch.

            If you want another option, Pinkie's has a seasonal lemon chiffon and berry cake. They only make it this time of year and sell it as a whole cake, so I haven't tried it.

            I'm getting a cake from them for my birthday.