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Aug 27, 2013 11:58 AM

Rock Creek Seafood (Fremont)

We are here for the first time and really liked it. The space is great--even if you don't get an outdoor table, the fact that the whole front is open still makes you feel like you're outside. The menu is pretty big and almost everything sounded good to me. I've always wondered why there weren't more seafood focused places in the neighborhoods and I am really happy to have this.

The food was great to solid--we had scallops (the standout--done with sort of a Vietnamese style salad), razor clams, roasted oysters, sardine salad (another standout if you like sardines), and the half crab (fine but I prefer a good Szechuan style crab). It does add up, though I probably can't call it expensive--we had 5 dishes and 3 cocktails and it was $133 before tip.

You can make a reservation which makes me really happy.

Congressman McDermott was there when we went.

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  1. Every single thing on that menu is appealing. And while the tab added up, there's really not much that isn't affordable. Thanks for sharing this. Next trip up, it's on the list.

    1. Tried this place recently, and was impressed with it. I would agree with christy319 that the sardine salad, prepared in a n. thai/lao style with eggplant, was a standout. We also tried the uni served sashimi-style on the (still-twitching) half shell with yuzu, a broiled oyster dish with cream and pastis, and Dungeness crab chile relleno. Also nicely done was the snapper with uber-buttery turnip puree and mushrooms, which seemed like a treatment intended for red meat that would overwhelm a fish, but actually worked. My wife crushed the "s'mores" dessert which was really a good mousse with meringue. I think the total with a few drinks was around $145.

      One could argue the concept as a whole is quite similar to Blueacre or the new Flying Fish, but I think Rock Creek is a measure more daring and more completely pan-ethnic in preparation and fish selection. It's a much tighter and intimate space also, so I'm not sure what I would do with a large party. But for a solid seafood meal for 2-4, it would probably be my go-to.

      One final note would be that free parking can be an issue in that hood. I gather the area is becoming more of a dining destination and other new eateries are planned. It would be great if public transit could be more accommodating there as this happens.

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        Having eaten there with a party of five, I can answer what they do with a large party: Charge a 20% auto-grat! (we were a little surprised).

        No, in seriousness, there was a perfectly good large table upstairs, and they were using the private room up there for another couple large parties.

        We had a lot of service issues, but I've not heard as much about them lately, so I'm hoping it will soon be safe to go back.