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My 29th BirthDay @ Royal Sichuan TONIGHT

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I need more recommendations... I am dragging my whole family an hour and a half drive to Royal Sichuan tomorrow night to force them to try unusual but tasty food. (unusual to them anyway) I am already looking forward to the smoked tea duck and fried pig intestines in roasted chilis, and plain but delicious sesame chicken. They always complain about the price so im taking them to a cheap but good place to eat.
How is their fried chicken in roasted chilis?

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  1. Happy 29th, Neil.
    Sounds like a good choice to me. I haven't been there in a long time. But after reading some recent buzz about them here, I had a look at their website menu today and plan to visit again soon. Especially after my "just ok" visits to Jeng Chi recently.

    I noticed the fried chicken in roasted chili's on their menu and made a mental note of that dish.
    Please report your opinions after your visit.

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      Yea it seems to me like everything should be in their roasted chilis after trying the pig intestine in roasted chilis.. I haven't gotten that flavor out of my mind for like 2 or 3 weeks now.

    2. and what language do i tell my google translator that they are speaking so I can break down the language barrier?

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          Thank you very much sir.. I was raised by a family of "rednecks" so excuse my ignorance. lol.

      2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/684745

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          Thanks for the help but one of those is from 3 years ago and that may not be relevant and obviously one of those posts was mine from a few weeks ago. lol. i'm guessing you did that on purpose. Some of the items people listed in old posts, they no longer carried (according to the waitress) like 3 kinds of fungi.
          This is a different subject than my last because now I must feed a large group of people that are critical of trying anything new and i've already tried several of the dishes presented in these posts and I was wondering if there were any new suggestions. Not to mention that some old posts get so cluttered with comments (mine included) that it becomes difficult to navigate, thus creation of a new post can be beneficial to the simplicity and clarity of information.
          (That being said I actually found some of the links useful, thanks) : )
          Next time I will do a search, i honestly keep forgetting. Of course then you would not get the pleasure of speaking to me but I gather that is not cherished.

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            I wouldn't go to Royal Sichuan then. Go to Neighborhood Services or somewhere similar (aka safe options to please everyone). If you have a big enough group, you shouldn't have any problem getting them to put your party down for a table in advance.

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              I think you are right about that but the prices are higher at Neighborhood Services and that is a complaint they also have had since they are not foodies, so to speak.
              I have been hearing good things about N.S. and looking forward to going. I was worried that the group thing might be an issue at Royal Sichuan..... Not sure what to do now

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                I would suggest taking your family to Celebration on Lovers Lane in Dallas. I think that would be the perfect alternative. Their food is delicious, locally sourced American home style comfort food. And there's something for everyone. Including free seconds! They can also accommodate everyone at one table.

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                  Now i'm really torn....
                  100% of me wants to go to Royal Sichuan but I know you are 100% right about Celebration being the better suited for the situation.
                  I am generally selfish so i'm leaning towards pleasing myself. lol. no pun intended. But sitting at separate tables will be very weird.. that's all i'm worried about.. the table issue..damn.. I don't know what i'm going to do at the moment.

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                    Neil, I promise! You and your family will LOVE Celebration! I've been eating there since the early 70's.

                    Before I closed my retail store on the "strip" on Lover's Lane, I ate lunch there almost every day for 25 years. And the food continues to just get better and better!
                    Call ahead and if he's there, ask for the owner, Ed or the manager on duty and arrange a single table for your group. Neil, sometimes it's not all about you. Believe me, your family will love you for it.

                    Now, get going because it's getting on now and they're not open very late.
                    They close at 9:30 during the week.

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                      Ok i guess that's what I will do.. It's not until tomorrow so i'm ok. I have heard only good things about it but the simplicity of the menu scares me off usually.
                      I will make sure to report back. Thanks

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                        The food is much better than the simple wording of the menu suggests.

                        They have a very nice comfortable private room behind the reception desk. Ask if you can reserve that room. If not, they'll set a nice single round table for your group in the large room on the east side of the restaurant. You should call and try to reserve that private room asap. They are always busy and specialize in large groups. Much larger than eight people.

                        And by the way, they have a full bar.

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                I'm afraid I have to agree with air about not taking your family to Royal Sichuan for dinner.

                It's obvious, based on how you described yourself as being raised by "rednecks" that you certainly have developed an adventuresome palate in your young years.

                But something tells me that your family is not used to eating things they might perceive as being alien to them. And the style of food at Royal Sichuan could be a real shock to someone who's been raised on plain American cooking and has not been exposed before to such extreme cuisine.

                Air's suggestion for Neighborhood Services or the like is an excellent one.

                1. re: twinwillow

                  Unfortunately I know you are right...
                  Although it is my birthday and I get a bit of a kick by "torturing" my family with exotic foods. Really I want to expose them to what good food can be although it rarely works out that way. Neighborhood Services is expensive for people used to eating fast food.

                  1. re: neilmcginnis

                    Oh, they'll certainly be "tortured" at Royal Sichuan! LOL!

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      Do you think there's any way they would let us move tables together or do you think they would look at us like we were insane? Probably will only be like 8 people.
                      Thanks for helping, I know I may be a bit of a hassle but I do certainly heed the advice you give.

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                        They have a room with large round tables just for that purpose.

                        1. re: twinwillow

                          I will go there and check it out.. What should I order from there?
                          I may not respond to this until tomorrow FYI
                          I'm going home now and internet is down

                          1. re: neilmcginnis

                            Everything is very good. Just peruse the menu and order what sounds good to you.

          2. Well ... ?? How was the big 29? Was it 'Earl, are those pigs' ears?!?!' or 'That was some mighty fine fried chicken?'

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                In case you can't tell their faces look scared in the picture i just uploaded. lol. I did go to Royal Sichuan despite strict orders from Twinwillow. : ) I do plan to check out Celebration next time I am in Dallas though, taking his advice.
                Surprisingly they accommodated our party very well although it ended up being only my parents that were able to come so only 5 people but I prefer a smaller group anyway most of them get on my nerves. lol. Despite my unwillingness they even played some sort of happy birthday song over the speaker system. I had as good of a time at a family event as I ever have.
                After me ordering a few unusual dishes and the tongue and ear at the cold bar my family did not trust any food that was brought out and they were skeptical from then on. I found it comical and got some enjoyment out of it. I finally tried the Lamb with Cumin sauce and it is VERY good and surprisingly light with the cilantro or parsley, I will order that again. The only real hiccup of the night was when I tried to order deep fried pig intestines in roasted chilies, he instead brought me some kind of braised intestines in hot sauce with vegetables which had good flavor but not what I wanted. I then told him it was okay but re-ordered the dish and then he warned me that this dish was very spicy and I said "I like spicy" but what he brought out was not nearly as spicy as I had previously experienced and it was not very crispy almost like it had been lightly fried, not deep fried. So that was a small let down but everything else was great. At the end to appease my parents and kids I ordered sesame and orange chicken. The orange chicken was very good although kid complained too spicy (yea right it was not spicy enough) lol. I forgot to try the fried chicken in roasted chilies, mushrooms on sizzling plate and beer braised duck but those are on my list for the next time! Thanks for all the help none of it was in vain.

                1. re: neilmcginnis

                  Some of the looks in that pic are priceless!! The happy birthday song on the speaker system sounds like it was too. Glad you had a good time!

                  1. re: foiegras

                    I'm also happy to know you had a good time as well.
                    However, I'm curious to know if your family asked,
                    "how soon can we go back to Royal Sichuan again"?

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      I think they will die happy if they never go back but that's ridiculous because the place is amazing... My dad did make a comment about how it was reasonably priced so I think that part went over well. lol. My family eat fast food for most of their meals which I think is much grosser than anything Royal Sichuan serves. Usually I get frustrated with their inability or lack of interest in trying new foods but last night I just enjoyed their discomfort while I feasted on a great meal.. They had some fun but not in regards to the food. I'm still nibbling on leftovers today. I wish I lived next door to this place. This weekend I will check out Celebration.
                      Thanks for the help people, as always. Great forum for discussion.

                      1. re: neilmcginnis

                        Perhaps the minds of the Chowhound should be thinking now about an equally great place for 3-0 :) A little less out there but still adventurous & very good & reasonably priced is Thanh Thanh in Arlington. They do a 7-course beef banquet type dinner, served family style. Sounds like too much beef, but it isn't Texas-style beef, of course ...

                        One of the courses I had (not sure if the menu ever changes) was raw beef tripe sliced extremely thin, served cold in a salad. It's crunchy like cole slaw, and the only way I will eat tripe! (Not a fan of Chinese hot pot with a surprise ingredient of tripe ...)

                        1. re: foiegras

                          That sounds like a good idea.. The salad sounds weird but interesting. I think i would like that..
                          Also i noticed up by the raw bar there were plastic containers of what looked like chili oil that I was wondering if it was for sale...? I would LOVE to have a container of that to pour on everything I eat at home. Do you think that is for sale I suppose they would sell anything if I asked but with the language barrier there are many confusions with me asking them questions.