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Aug 27, 2013 11:03 AM

anything pleasant in Pleasanton?

my SO has to travel to pleasanton for business and is looking for good dinners. He likes a wide range of foods, including brew pubs and ethnic eats. NOT chain restaurants! He tried a highly recommended (yelp) mexican place last night and said it wasn't even worth the effort. Is there any place pleasant to eat dinner in Pleasanton?

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  1. I'm not going to say no since I don't know Pleasanton, but I've never found a restaurant from Chowhound boards that made me want to go there either.

    Dublin isn't too far away and there's a great Asian mall with tons of places to eat! I go there to have dim sum at Koi Palace

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      It is difficult to find great food in Pleasanton. It would help to know where in Pleasanton he is staying and if he has a car.

      There is Handles in Pleasanton for beer, food is OK. Your SO can drive to Livermore for Tap 25, Beer Baron or First St Ale House for beer. Beer Baron usually has more interesting beer followed by Tap 25 and First St. Food is decent but it is more about the beer.

      Across the freeway in Dublin there is Pho Saigon and Ohgane for Korean BBQ. Ohgane in Oakland is well liked by the board.

      In the market place for Koi Palace there is a Veitnamese place, Shabu Shabu, a ramen place and a few more. The ramen place will just disappoint. Koi Palace can get just as busy as the Daily City one.

      Sahara Market for Afghani - it is a market and they have take out. I believe you can eat there too. Haven't been in a year or two but from what I remember it was good.

      1. re: JonDough

        Thanks JohDough and Bobabear - all great referrals!

        except for "ohgane in Oakland"... that's a bit far!

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          I apologize, I was unclear. Ohgane in Oakland gets good reviews from this board. They also have another restaurant in Dublin, also called Ohgane. It may be worth checking out.

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            the dublin branch is indeed good

            1. re: vulber

              That is good to know. Thank you.

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            also, he tried the afghani place - really enjoyed it, except for one dish which he said someone oversalted so much he couldn't eat it. he ate better on this trip than ever before! thanks again!

      2. mediterranean food isn't my forte.
        nevertheless, found Lokanta @443 Main St. had great ambiance & food.

        had seafood frittata (13.50) during sunday brunch.
        -fresh, tasty
        -fab service too.

        don't know of any great mex in pleasaonton, viet places just average.
        the one time i ate at ohgane the fish wasn't done right.

        1. I like Oasis Bar and Grill in downtown Pleasanton for excellent Mediterranean and Little Home Thai. Little Home is nothing fancy but excellent for Thai. I often do takeout from LIttle Home and bring it home for dinner in Oakland.

          Use yelp to look up other cuisines. Lots of good Indian spots.

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          1. re: Cheesy Oysters

            thanks for these, especially Little Home. I will mention it specifically!

          2. While we're talking Pleasanton, I've been curious about this newish bibimbap + New York pizza place, Mix and Eat at Bobs House. Anyone tried it?

            Mix & Eat Bobs House
            5321 Hopyard Rd
            Pleasanton, CA 94588
            (925) 847-1700

            As others have noted, the town of Dublin adjoins Pleasanton and depending on where your SO is based, might be just as close. Here's a current thread with suggestions for Dublin, San Ramon and Danville to the north.

            1. cocina mexcio @55 w. angela st. is a causal take out taqueria.
              best mex food discovered in the pleasanton area.

              pricier food justifies the price
              -chicken enchilada (2.99) had fresh breast meat, nice sauce
              -lengua taco (1.99) had fresh tongue meat and fresh sauces
              everything freshly made, none scooped from counter.

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              1. re: shanghaikid

                thank you! definitely on the list now!

                1. re: rmarisco

                  ok shanghai - you got a winner there! he tried cocina mexico last night. said one of the highlights was freshness - always a plus when traveling. really enjoyed it. thanks!