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Aug 27, 2013 11:00 AM

Stand Mixer for Poor Baker

I do a lot of baking, esp during the winter time, so ive decided to purchase a stand mixer. I've burned out 2 hand-held mixers in the past 18 mths so i thought it was time. I really want a vintage Kitchen Aid, a K5-A would be great, but alas! I am but a poor hobby baker. I found a Kitchen Aid Hobart Co. K45 it has a stainless steel bowl and 3 attachments. Problem is I can't find many details online about this particular model. It was supposedly manufactured it 1965 according to the seller. I prob am not looking in the right websites for info but can anyone give me any feedback/ideas about it.

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  1. If someone is getting rid of something that old, i would be concerned that the motor, or some other part, is ready to be replaced. Depending on the price, and shipping costs to you, it might be worth it to save a little longer and get a newer model. sometimes small appliance manufacturers have reconditioned/like new models to sell.

    1. I have a late 70s 5 quart in weekly use that shows no signs of aging. If it is a decent price I'd risk it.

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          I'd be game, but I play much more recklessly with OPM. I'd peronally probably cruise eBay for a month before pulling the trigger if it were my money, but as others on this board have noted, when you find what you want, if you don't pull the trigger you will miss it. The only thing I have ever bought on eBay was a great deal but didn't involve a motor (old tinned steel fish poacher for $16.00).

      1. What are the details on this mixer? Is it local or online? What did the owner do with it?

        These old mixers are treasures if they haven't been abused. The older Hobarts are wonderful mixers. If I could find one somewhere for $100, I'd be all over it and I don't really need a second mixer!!!!!

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          On Craigslist, local like literally around the corner. $100 runs great, but it seems like smoke is coming out when running on lower speeds like it gets kinda hot. I think I can fix it but idk exactly what the problem is and haven't had any luck figuring out what the cause us