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Aug 27, 2013 11:00 AM

Padma's Picks for the next Top Chef season

I just finished watching Padma's mini series online. There were 5 episodes (each 10 minutes long) where two chefs go head to head and she picks one. Each episode was, roughly speaking, a different cooking genre; for example, the last one was two upscale food truck chefs. Then the 5 winners competed head to head in the top chef kitchen. One of the 10 was Chef Sue's (from TCM) sous, Nick Lama. And I think I saw in the previews for TC that another contestant is Chef Odette's sous (I think so anyway). The mini series was fine, but Padma said "Yummy" a few too many times. But for a 10 minute show, they showed a surprising amount of actual cooking.

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  1. I watched in OnDemand. Aside from the funky camera work (constant re-focusing, which drove me NUTS!), I thought it was a pretty decent offering in a short amount of time.

    And yes, you did see Benedetto.

    1. Thanks for the heads up DG. I just watched the six episodes, and they were really enjoyable. I loved the mini tours of the NO neighborhoods and the range of restaurants. And, as you said, they showed a good amount of cooking. It would be nice if this is indicative of how the season will play out.