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Aug 27, 2013 10:39 AM

What's the least you'd order in a sit down restaurant?

I've had this happen w/ a few groups--people will want to go to a restaurant for a cup of coffee, glass of wine or even share a dessert among a few. A couple of have said they'd just accompany and not order anything. I've always refused to go because it seems wrong to tie up a table for that but I'm always the odd person out. It's not Starbucks! What's the least you'd feel comfortable ordering? An appetizer? A shared entree?

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  1. Several appetizers would probably be my minimum.

    1. When others at the table are ordering food, I've never had a problem just settling for a liquid lunch. Hell, in a lot of places, my two or three martinis probably resulted in more income to the place and tip for the server then had I ordered a salad and an iced tea.

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        I agree. If you are with a group that is ordering, nothing is wrong with just ordering a drink or three. But if it's just you, sit at the bar. If I was at a table with others that were ordering food, I'd in the very least order a drink. Maybe an app or salad to share.

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            Nothing worse than being in a restaurant and settling for a salad and an unsweetened, iced tea for lunch. Just the thought of it makes me feel kinda lightheaded.

        1. Depends on the place. A diner, I've (well, in the past) just ordered fries and coffee and sat with my book.

          Granted, I wouldn't do that on a Sunday morning!

          A nicer place, I've had a couple apps and a drink or two. But not by myself - when others at the table are ordering fuller meals.

          1. A couple of appetizers and a beverage. I actually do this once in a while when dining solo....I'll get a crock of onion soup, an appetizer (usually a salad topped with chicken/salmon) and an iced tea.

            Never just dessert/coffee.

            1. Can't see myself ever ordering less than a main course.

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              1. re: Harters

                Harters: <<<Can't see myself ever ordering less than a main course.>>
                let me introduce you to Chicago Ribs.
                maybe it will help you see your way to ordering less. . . . .

                1. re: westsidegal

                  A long journey for me just to avoid a main course order :-0

                  1. re: Harters

                    there are all sorts of learning experiences.