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Disappearance of Greek Style 10% Yogurt From Grocery Stores

It's getting tougher and tougher to find any plain yogurt (especially the drained, Greek style) that isn't fat-free. I like to use the 10% yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo in a lot of dips or as a topping for potatoes. I like to make tzatziki, Turkish cacik and other yogurt-based dips and sauces. The Greek style is easier to deal with than draining lower percentage yogurts, which are frequently the stirred kind that won't drain properly.

I used to be able to buy the Liberte 10% at Zehrs, but virtually all higher fat plain yogurts have been replaced by 0% and a vast array of flavoured fat-free and low fat yogurts. The Foodland near my cottage was carrying it, but it has recently disappeared. I'm having to search high and low for it or an equivalent. Costco carries the 2% version, but it is very difficult to drain. I'm not a fan of Astro products, either, though I will resort to the 6% Balkan style, if necessary.

Am I the only one buying this stuff? Surely not. I can still find the Liberte 10% in Windsor, in some smaller shops and Eastern European specialty stores. Is there just no demand for it in the bigger chains?

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  1. Wow I never heard of 10%, can't say where the heck you'd find it off hand. Or is that just the normal yogurt that doesn't have a percent, like "Total"? I'm not picky, but yes the one that doesn't say a percentage is the top of the line. I will keep my eyes open later when I go shopping.

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      It's often labeled "Greek Style". It has a consistency closer to sour cream, but with a tangy yogurt taste. Some may sit down to a bowl of it, but for me it's just perfect for dips and sauces. Liberte has a number of 9% yogurts with fruit and other flavours, many of which are delicious. I'm specifically griping about the disappearance of the plain, though. I should add that the mocha, black cherry, lemon and other flavours are delicious, for a decadent, but still healthy, treat.

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        Oh I know Greek Style by name, then there is only 2%, 1% and 0%. That's quite the jump! Good to know, thanks!

    2. It's a problem in the States, too. Very frustrating.

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        The 0% Greek style just doesn't compare, IMHO.

      2. I'm sorry didn't realize you were in Canada. Went to the local supermarket and this is what they had, no "percentage" of fat, just one that you would assume is the normal one. Or do you not even have Fage, maybe I jumped into something else.

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          No Fage where I shop in Canada. I'm not sure if it's available in other parts of the country. The Liberte products I've mentioned are made in Quebec and have a superior taste and texture to most other yogurts I've tried.

          In Canada, labels list the fat percentage, rather than use terms like "fat free" or "low fat". I know 10% seems like a lot of fat, but compare it to sour cream, which is 14% fat and contains a number of ingredients that I don't care to consume, especially when I can just sub in the 10% yogurt. I'm not proposing cooking or baking with it, per se, but just to sub for sour cream as a topping (i.e. borscht, baked potatoes).

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            I had Liberte awhile back but now I hear they were bought out by General Mills and not as good. I didn't realize the difference in brands was so great.

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              I'm pretty sure that only the US consumers are affected by that buyout. The Liberte products that are actually produced in Quebec are still of the same high quality ... for now.

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                Everything changes and nothing stays the same. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse!

                But I AM fascinated with the jump from 1 or 2% right up to 9 or 10% Can't figure it out from the nutritional label.

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                  In Greece, some yogurt has 18 or even 20% fat. 10% is more than enough for me. After using it for a while, I can't go back to the non-fat or even low-fat stuff. The texture is all wrong and they taste comparitively bitter.

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                    Fage used to be so good when it came from Greece to us here in NY. Now, eh, not so much, even though it is made locally. Better than Dannon though!

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                      I take it back: I just brought some gyros to a party, and made my tzatziki sauce with what I had on hand: one Fage Total 6 oz and two Chobani, either 0 or 1% fat, 5 oz. It seemed so thick to me, even though it was only 1/3 of the full fat, but people were raving that it was the best they ever tasted, because it was so rich. I came home and made a note on my recipe card!

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            In NJ I can buy full fat Fage at A&P and Super ShopRite. It's easy to miss the difference in labeling. TOTAL only says total on the container.

            Also, I tend to ask the Dairy case Mgr for assistance whenever I don't see something in case the crew hasn't unpacked product from back to front yet.

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              Oh I can get it here easily enough. I didn't realize this was about Canada, and am surprised there are so many different great brands I never heard of here.

          3. Loblaws PC Greek Yoghurt carries a 9% variety which should satisfy your needs.

            1. Costco and Michaelangelo carries the 10% Skotidatkis and it's very delicious!

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                which costco is this? ive only seen the kirkland brand and libertie...

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                  Mississauga South just got them in last week. I believe they are 6.98 for 2 large sized containers

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                    Hmm. That's news to me too. I'll have to poke around in Windsor and Peterborough, where I'm most likely to hit Costco.

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                  Costco carries the 9% Skotidakis Plain Yogurt. There is no 10% Skotidakis, but there is a 0% and a 2% that Costco does not sell.

                  I think the 9% Skotidakis Plain Yogurt is the best there is. I had never seen it at Costco until last week when I saw 2 x 500g packs at the BIlly BIshop Costco (North of Yorkdale). I hope they keep selling it and it was not a one-time thing. They have been selling packages of the one-serve Skotidakis with fruit but I prefer to add my own fresh fruit as the 'fruit' they add is basically jam with tons of sugar in it.

                  Up until now I have been buying the 3 x 500g of 0% Plain Greek Yogurt at Costco as that is the only one they were offering before but it is no match for Skotidakis, party because it is 0% but mainly because of the formulation.

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                    I am on it! I will check out my Costco in Windsor. I have the 2% and the 9% (both Greek style) PC yogurts in my fridge, but haven't taste tested either yet.

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                      As far as I know, Costco has stopped carrying the Skotidakis 9%. Meanwhile, people keep buying up the much inferior 0% like mad, esp. the fruit pack ones. What can you do.

                      I've seen the 9% at Yummy, Whole Foods, and Highland Farms.

                      1. re: Chester Eleganté

                        I thought so too when I went last week to the North York Billy Bishop Way store as I could not find it. But I kept looking and found that they changed the packaging from shrink wrapped plastic to a paper cover, so it looked different. It has the same two tubs inside, for $6.99. It was also in a different area of the cooler.

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                          It's still available at the Mississauga South and Etobicoke site!

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                            That's good, as I didn't see it in Markham. But I mentioned this cuz when I asked Skotidakis they said they were no longer shipping to Costco, so perhaps whatever's left is all there is. We'll see soon enough.

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                              Odd they said they are no longer shipping to Costco yet there is new packaging. I can't imagine they changed the packaging because they ship these 2-packs to someone else.

                              Did they specifically say it was the 9% they were no longer shipping as they certainly are still shipping all of their other products.

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                            Went again to the North York Billy Bishop Costco last Friday and they had a whole new batch of the Skotidakis 9% plain yoghurt, both in plastic and in paper packaging.

                            It can't be true that they are no longer shipping to Costco as this was a new batch.

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                              Well it looks like it is true. I went to the North York Costco on Billy Bishop Way yesterday and they no longer have Skotidakis 9% plain yogurt. arghhh. Odd that they only carried it for a couple months. All they have now is that comparatively watery Libertr 0% plain yogurt.

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                                If you're willing to trek to the west end, they still have a healthy stash of the Skoti 9% at the Etobicoke Islington.

                      2. When out shopping earlier today, I checked a couple of my local stores. My local Pusateri's at Bay and Yorkville carries 500g tubs of 9% Skotidakis Greek yogurt and The Bloor Street Market in the basement of ManuLife at Bay and Bloor carries 500g tubs of PC 9% Greek yogurt though that one is manufactured here.

                        1. i'm with you! i'm having the darndest time finding the liberte mediterrane 10% MF PLAIN yogurt.

                          i actually want plain, fatty yogurt ... but NOT the greek yogurt. my toddler laps up yogurt (and he's awfully skinny) ...but he finds the greek yogurt too thick for his liking.

                          i checked the liberte website and it's still listed (along with a whole bunch of other 'new' flavours like caramel). http://www.liberte.ca/en/yogurt-medit...

                          i used to buy this at longos and two stores told me the product has been discontinued.

                          for now, i'm using the astro 6% balkan stuff.


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                            I bought Liberté Méditérranée yogurt (in the new clear tub) just today at the Loblaws in Markham. It says it's 9.4% M.F. (the coconut flavour). I've also seen Liberté Méditérranée at Whole Foods.

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                              My issue is not that I can't find the 9% Liberte yogurts, but that they are all flavoured. They are pretty awesome, when you're seeking a dessert and yogut in one. I just want the plain, 10% Greek style.

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                                Have you checked out Adonis? They have lots of plain yogurt that range from 2% fat and 8%. There might be a 12% and 10% one if I remember correctly.

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                              i've emailed Liberte ... will see what they have to say and will post back with any info i get.

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                                so apparently this is an issue in toronto (shortage of mediterrane plain). the customer service person who emailed me back advised me to speak to someone at foodland or sobeys ... they could order some in.

                                it's not really feasible for me to go to the store, place and order, and pick it up when it arrives.

                                maybe it will help others.

                                in the meantime ... i guess the search continues.

                                i'm going to speak to the manager at my local longos ... he was always very willing to bring in products that i flagged to his attention.

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                                  Wow. A shortage of mediterrane plain yogurt! How interesting. Thanks for doing that legwork, Lilaki! I just (wrongly) assumed that fully stocked shelves with the assorted flavours meant that the stores were just re-ordering according to sales trends and that the plain wasn't popular enough to stock, despite the fact that I buy it regularly.

                                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                                    well, i think it IS entirely likely that certain stores are no longer ordering it because they had to make room for mediterrane caramel (and other flavours).

                                    the customer service person said "It seems difficult to find this product in Toronto" but she didn't say why.

                                    she recommended ordering from sobeys/foodland. and she also recommended checking out an independent grocer like pusateri's. the bruno's in etobicoke used to carry it so i might have to go there.

                                    1. re: lilaki

                                      All fine and good in the GTA, but what about the rest of the province? I can certainly go to my Eastern European specialty store in Windsor and pick up a handful of the brands mentioned in this thread, but it's irritating that the big name stores: Zehrs (Loblaws), Metro, Sobeys have entire walls of yogurts, including the Liberte, just can't make room for the 10% plain.

                            3. I was at the Metro store in cloverdale mall today, they carry "The Geek Gods" yogurt which is 10%

                              1. Try MC ( thats right, MC) brand Maslanka or Huslanka, which is 3.2 % . My first choice. At any store that caters
                                to Poles or Russians.

                                Liberte (big numbers) was so good when I would try it some years ago that I was afraid of it so I took a vow of abstinence.

                                What don't you like about Astro? After Dannnon..........

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                                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                  I also find the Greek gods version in metro and in the states, as well whole foods carries Krema which is also around 10% and quite tasty.

                                  1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                    The thing about the Liberte 10% is that it is the drained, Greek style. Astro is not Greek style. To achieve the same thickness, I have to drain the whey, which is an extra step which doesn't always work. If the yogurt isn't set, all of it will drain through my Donvier yogurt strainer. The Astro yogurt can also be a touch sour, which I don't care for.

                                  2. woohoo! found a HUGE container of mediterrane PLAIN @ the longos on winston churchill in mississauga. and it was in the new packaging. fingers crossed that it will be at the other longos soon.

                                    1. I don't know the fat percentage, but I'll note that homemade yogurts normally drain quite nicely into a Greek style, you can control the sourness with how long and how hot you ferment it and you get some yummy whey for breads or pizza doughs as a bonus.

                                      1. My heart softens when I see your posts . "Sweetpea" was my nom de exam in first year graduate school. Maybe "weakens" is more accurate. My head softened long ago without help.

                                        It occurs to me that what this Greek yoghurt is is labneh, which is available in any Arab store and probably for less. Not all labnehs are alike.

                                        1. spotted the plain mediterrane at whole foods mississauga this morning in the original packaging. so, i guess it's still available in select stores.

                                          1. I saw 11% Krema plain greek yogurt at Rabba today.

                                            1. I know it's not the 10% Liberte (which is hard to top!) but we've been enjoying Phoenikia lately, from the Bayyview and Eg Metro. Not as rich, but pretty creamy for the fat content (I've been buying 3.5% and 2%). My fam likes it plain, as a side-dish/condiment for rice and tomato-based stews.

                                              1. Whole Foods on Avenue carries the Liberte Mediterranee Plain 10%. I'm not sure in which end of the city you are but maybe the Mississauga location also carries it.

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                                                  I just spotted this in the new packaging at Highland farms Mississauga

                                                  1. re: Nevy

                                                    Adonis also has the 750ml in the new packaging. Reesor's (thornhill) and Herbs & Nutrition (bloor & bathurst) still have it in the old. Would hope that it's not an issue of only the larger size being available here, as other stores still haven't gotten it in yet. The new lime flavour does look good though.

                                                2. I called Costco Customer service at the head office in Ottawa (1-800-463-3783) and they told me that Skotidakis 9% MF Plain Greek Yogurt will no longer be carried when existing supplies run out at Etobicoke & Mississauga, which are the only 2 stores that still have any stock. They also told me that the availability of product brands is dependent upon demand at the store, not chain, level. So, if a product does not meet their sales requirements at a store then that store stops carrying it. They told me the Etobicoke store only sold 2 packages of that yogurt last week! Anyway, they'll sell more this week as I am heading over to by 6 of them (the best before date is far in the future), but that of course will not result in them deciding to carry it again.

                                                  Also, they told me that for product suggestions that there is a big white box on the wall as you leave the store (in hundreds of visits over the past 10 years I have never seen it). I am going to ask them to carry wild shrimp.