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Aug 27, 2013 09:08 AM

Anyone ever shop at a Weis supermarket?

They just opened in Hillsborough, the first in NJ. Anyone know if they are comparable to Shop Rite, Acme, etc. or the higher end places?

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  1. The new store in Hillsborough is certainly not the first for Weis in NJ. Weis has had stores in Hackettstown and Newton for years. They also had one in Flanders, a few years ago, but it was closed about a yr or so after opening.

    I have only been in the Hackettstown store twice, just to pick up a needed item while I was in the area on other errands, and went to the Flanders once, to check out the new store and take advantage of the grand opening specials. IIRC the prices were ok, roughly on par with SR and A&P which were their nearby competitors, though I certainly did not shop there enough to fully scope out the situation. The produce at the Hackettstown store seemed to be of lesser quality than at my local SR or Kings, despite the fact that my visits were during the summer months when produce is typically better, and there is plenty of "Jersey Fresh" available, and so many farms so close by.

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      I thought I read it was the first in NJ. Anyway, I checked it out today. Wasn't exactly sure where it was then I saw a picket line and figured it had to be for Weis. Something about them not using American made goods. I didn't want to stop traffic to read more carefully. The store itself is one of the nicer places I've shopped. Open and airy and a convenient lay out. I had to pick up a variety of canned beans, and the selection wasn't the best. But they should do OK there.

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        They just recently reopened in Flanders, in the old A & P.

      2. Weis is a Shoprite wanabee!!! I shopped at the Weis in Sussex County. The produce and meat were subpar. I would stay away and shop at your local market. The Weis parking lot was empty while the Shoprite lot down the street was packed. Does that answer you question?

        1. I was so upset when the A&P in Manville and Pathmark in Hillsborough closed. I live approx. halfway between the two and it was super convenient to run to either last minute if I needed to.

          So when I saw that the Weis was opening I was happy. I went there the other day, realized last minute I needed something for dinner.

          Not sure why but I thought it was high end supermarket. It is not. I felt like I was walking right back into the Pathmark. I wanted some good crusty bread. The Weis breads were all crusty bread wannabees. They did have one little stand of artisanal breads. They have a very small seafood counter, nothing remotely gourmet in the prepared food area.

          For high end supermarkets Wegmans on 202 is still my go to place. For my regular shopping I like the Shoprite in Somerville. I was never a Shoprite fan but I really like the one in Somerville. Great selections of all kinds of things.

          But I'm happy the Weis opened as at least when I run out of something I have a place within 2 miles.

          1. not worth walking into...

            poor bakery
            poor fish department
            poor produce quality, selection with pricing difficult to determine - on many products
            slim selection in all categories
            prices higher than shop rite

            1. I went once, to one of their stores out by New Vernon or something. I forgot exactly what town it was in.

              I had to pick up a few items (non-food), long story, LOL, but -- the customer service was poor. They seemed to have problems with operations. The product offerings were good, based upon what I was looking for, and the prices on the items I was looking for were pretty good. I don't know if that was the store or the location, but they were good.

              It was certainly not a "higher end" super market in my opinion.

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                ELA, I think you may be confusing New Vernon which is located just south of Morristown in Morris Co, with Vernon Twp, which is located in Sussex Co. There long has been a Weis Market just south of Vernon Twp. on 23 in Franklin in Sussex County. There has never been a Weis Market anywhere near New Vernon (the closest would be the one in Flanders - either the one they built a few yrs back and promptly closed, and then just recently re opened in the location that formerly was the A&P in Flanders.

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                  You are correct, it was Franklin/Vernon Township, up 23 North. Thanks.

                2. re: ELA

                  Very surprised to read the negative reviews. Weis is very popular here in Maryland. Parking lot is very full with shoppers. My family loves their homemade potato salads.