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Aug 27, 2013 09:05 AM

Chef/Owner of 18 Seaboard To Open Restaurant in Durham

Restaurant to be called Harvest 18 and located near Southpoint Mall... sorry downtown Durhamites.

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  1. Any idea what the concept is or when it will open? I liked 18 Seaboard a lot the one time I tried it.

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    1. re: LulusMom

      The N&O blogged it earlier this morning:

      "He envisions the 65-seat restaurant with additional seating for 40 on a patio as a neighborhood tavern. It will be a more casual version of 18 Seaboard with a focus on local food with draft beers, wine and sangria.

      He hopes to open the restaurant by the end of the year."

      1. re: rockycat

        Thanks so much - that sounds fantastic.

        1. re: rockycat

          Yep. I'm just curious which space they are going to be using. I was thinking the former Doc Green's space as it has been vacant but can't see that holding 65 people nor having space for 40. So I'm guessing that if they are going to build something it will go in front of the HH GREGG in that area. Time will tell. He hopes to have it open by end of year which means it will be open around time of Super Bowl in February ;-)

          I will say that I'm glad something non chainy and possibly a little more intimate for that area is good.

          I've only been to 18 Seaboard once. The dish was evenly burnt and we were underwhelmed.

          1. re: burgeoningfoodie

            Doc Green's space it is.

            The Retailing column in today's N&O shows the address as 8128 Renaissance Parkway.

            This was the address for Doc Green's.

            1. re: boaviagem

              This is great - two new places with potential near Southpoint. Getting out of downtown CH at dinner time isnt' so easy (for us it means driving through the U) but still and all worth it if either of these places turns out to be good. Lately I've kind of been loving City Beverage. It is such a relaxing place and the seared tuna tacos are great. I seldom veer from these but my husband sometimes does and seems to do ok. And the tap beer list is amazing.

              1. re: LulusMom

                Yes it is a nice hang out spot where you don't go in to expect something gourmet and it isn't a chain. I've only had their burgers.

                I saw it was Doc Green's over the weekend. Thats fine although I'll be curious to see how they renovate a space that seemed small for what they want to do. Hope that the outdoor part is covered in the case of bad weather.

      2. Harvest 18 opened last night. I went tonight for dinner and it was delicious. I started with a delicious Apple Sangria, followed by a delicious Sunny Creek Lettuces. For the main course I had an amazing meatloaf (with homemade Worcestershire, AMAZING) with blue cheese mashed potatoes and braised collards. Since it was my first meal at the restaurant, I went all out and got dessert. Larry's Beans Coffee Spiced Pound cake (with Cinnamon icing) was amazing as well.

        I highly recommend!

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        1. re: shelec

          Sweet. I wish I could read the menu from your pic. What else was on the menu?

          1. re: shelec

            I stopped by the restaurant yesterday on my way home from Target, just to pick up a menu and check it out. It was their first day open, and the patio was packed with diners enjoying the beautiful weather. Food looked great, and I *really* like the looks of their cocktail list.

            1. re: durhamois

              I'm also happy to see that they have 2 yellow beers on draft - a lager and a pilsner. It seems that lately places that bother to have a yellow beer go for the lowest common demonimator, like a Coors or Bud. There are good yellow beers, and they are wonderful with food and refreshing.

              1. re: ToothTooth

                I don't know if you've had the meatloaf at 18 Seaboard, but that is some seriously good stuff. I believe it is only on the lunch menu, but that tends to be my go-to lunch there if none of the specials excite me.

                1. re: rockycat

                  I've only been to one of his restaurants, 18 Seaboard, and I got a fish dish because I thought thats what they pride themselves on. It wasn't terrible but lets just say it was over cooked and not as great as everyone was touting.

                  1. re: rockycat

                    Thanks for your input. I've never had meatloaf that was good for anything except a joke punch line. I'll at least consider it when I go to Harvest 18.

                    1. re: veganhater

                      Hamburger = round meatloaf on a bun! Plus, pâté sounds so much fancier! Meanwhile, meatloaf sounds so much more hilarious!

                        1. re: ToothTooth

                          Maybe they should call it hot pate instead

                          1. re: veganhater

                            Yes, and they should also call beef tartare "raw beef" instead.

                  2. They have their menu up now. It is on their facebook page but they have a link off their restaurant website.