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Aug 27, 2013 08:58 AM

Non-Chain Lunch in Oakville

So I will be working around Winston Churchilll and Dundas for the next few months, and I am extremely unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Looking for some suggestions on good places to grab a takeout lunch within a 5 minute drive of the area. Eating daily at Panera Bread is killing the wallet ... TIA!

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  1. If you're willing to go a bit further, Kori's Roti is pretty tasty.

    1. California Sandwiches

      San Francesco's

      Chorizos (a little further South).

      1. Starsky has a prepared food counter in the store as well as a small restaurant.
        If you drive a couple of minutes west to Trafalgar there are more choices. There is a Mucho Burrito which although a chain has been pretty good the two times I have tried it. A little further west on Dundas is Dinasi which is an old style diner. I have only been for breakfast but have never been disappointed. Also west of you but before Trafalgar is a pho place the name of which I can't recall. It is in the plaza at the corner of Dundas and Prince Michael. You can also always grab a hot dog or sausage at Costco for a couple of dollars drink included. Costco is just slightly west of you on the north side of Dundas.

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          I've been frequenting Starskys and I gotta say I am in love with the place. No more driving to Denningers. Thank you!

        2. i work in the area and have been trying as much as i can ... but there really isn't that much. with that said, i will definitely try most (if not all that is listed here).

          i've been to starsky's food counter, a shawarma/kabob place (in the place to the west of starsky's), sukothai (multiple times - don't know if there's any affiliation with the downtown location), another thai place west of the 410 on upper middle rd,

          .... and then almost all the "chains" including california, artisano, panera, souvlaki hut, subway, quizno's, panera, st. louis', boston pizza, alice fazooli's, east side mario's, costco, mcdonald's, etc.

          the chains definitely outweigh the independents, so i'm game for anything new!

          1. I think Agabi is a wicked choice for lunch

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              I just tried the Med. seafood chowder and falafel pita .... both worthy choices ...