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Aug 27, 2013 08:41 AM

Micro Greens and Sprouts???

I'm new to sprouting and the world of microgreens. (Sprouted mung beans years ago!) Would love to hear what your favorites are in taste. Do some seeds have a higher success rate than others? I'm also interested in which have the most nutritional value? Too many to choose from. A little guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have had some awesome stinky failures myself..... But i love radish sprouts, sprouted lentils and chickpeas, broccoli sprouts.... All of them :)

    Amazon has an assortment that could let you try a bunch and see what you like best:

    There are also sprouting trays, lids, etcetc
    This website covers a lot of info:

    1. Radish are great and beet sprouts are surprisingly good.

      1. You're going to have so much fun. But so hard to recommend without knowing your taste. So...

        What have you sprouted/micro'd other than mungs?
        Do you like spicy sprouts?
        Do you prefer fine leafy sprouts or stocky ones like mungs and sunflowers?
        Do you want to sprout beans that you can eat raw or ones for cooking?
        How much patience do you have (onions take 2 weeks)?
        Do you have any supplies already/preferred methods?
        How do you want to eat them (salads, snacks, smoothies, cereal, etc.)?

        Nutritional value varies whether leafy, bean-y, etc. Here's a link to a table from

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          DN... I've only sprouted mung beans, and a mix of greens years ago, but I've been an avid organic gardener for 25+ years. I have a shelved, grow light system set up for 8 trays. (I use for starting seedlings of veggies every year) Still trying to find a source for the 10-row trays to grow microgreens in. What do you use for growing sprouts or microgreens? Jars... trays?

          My preferences.... I love spicy, but not bitter. Looking to eat raw. No cooking involved. Have no problem with time. I can wait as long as they take. I'm really looking for taste, crunch and nutrition. Want to do radish, red Russian kale, and a few Asian greens. Prefer leafy over beany for now. Do some seeds have a higher germination rate than others? ANY info would be GREATLY appreciated. This is something I plan on really being successful at!