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Jun 21, 2004 02:33 PM

San Antonio - Late Night Puffy Tacos on Riverwalk?

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OK, tall order here: Where is the best place on riverwalk to get a Puffy Taco after 9PM on a Friday. I'm on a cross country road trip and won't make it to SA until at least 9PM. I'm dying to try a puffy taco and would actually be willing to abandon riverwalk to do it, but if there are two about the same, I'd do the riverwalk location first. Please help! Leaving Tuesday night.

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  1. Try Casa Rio. Best Tex/Mex on Riverwalk and they will be open, but I'm not sure they have puffy tacos. Check their menu or call them.


    1. Stay away from Mexican on the Riverwalk. Casa Rio in particular is bad.

      While not the best puffy taco in town, Henry's Puffy Taco on the west side is the most typical. And they are open until 10 on Friday.

      815 Bandera Rd
      Phone: (210) 432-7341

      Taco Haven has some good puffy tacos as well. I'm not sure how late they are open on Friday, but they are closer to downtown.

      1032 S. Presa St. (tel. 210/533-2171)

      Good luck!