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Aug 27, 2013 07:30 AM

Jersey Fresh canned tomatoes in Queens?

Have any 'hounds spotted the cans by Fattoria Fresca for sale? I usually buy cases of 12 at, but the shipping ends up being more than the cost of the actual tomatoes.

I've never seen them at either Shop Rite or Fairway or Stop and Shop even though the site says they are sold there.

They are our absolute fave canned tomatoes and SHHHH!!! I think they are basically every bit as good as all of my Sicilian friends', neighbors' and relatives' backyard jarring productions which are in full swing right now.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Fresh Direct used to carry them, but i haven't seen them anywhere (other than MyBrands) since. I'm going to be driving around NJ next weekend and will keep an eye out - maybe that's where the chains you mention carry the tomatoes. I think it's $46 for 12 cans on MyBrands, which is a bit pricey, but i'll be ordering again if i can't find a local source.

    1. Fairway in Douglaston does have them on occasion.

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        I order cases from a few times during the year. Very pricey but worth it. I am at Fairway in Douglaston every Thursday and have never seen them. I have asked the manager, and he says they do not get them. When you have seen them, have they been merchandised with the other canned tomatoes?

        1. re: ZenFoodist

          My biggest issue with Fairway is their poor organization. There are several rows of canned tomatoes, not just one area. I have seen them tucked into one of their lower shelves in that area. Not lately though. They probably don't get that many and not until the fall.

      2. I have not seen these in a couple of years but I just found this article that states that they are sold at King’s Market. There’s a King’s in Garden City so I’ll check for them later this week.
        Here is an earlier discussion about them The last post in December is from a store in Greenpoint that claims that they sell them too.