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Aug 27, 2013 06:08 AM

Vegan Options In Denver

I'm seeing a guy who likes to eat out, and he's mostly vegan (though not at all over-the-top about it, will sometimes eat eggs and fish). He loves places like City O City, and we've been out to Watercourse and a few other places. He _really_ likes pho and we've been out for that as well.

What I was curious about was whether anyone can think of some good restaurants (besides Asian cuisine) that are not primarily vegetarian/vegan but nevertheless have a lot of options in that area.

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  1. There is a chain called True Food Kitchen in Cherry Creek. Yes, it's a chain and not some hole in the wall that I'd like to suggest but I don't know the area very well. they have a big range of choices from vegan to non-vegan.

    1. Best vegan thing in Denver by a long shot- Root Down's Raw Vegan Tasting Menu on the first tuesday of every month.

      It's *amazing*. This is the menu from the Sept. one, it's different every month.

      (me = not vegan at all, and I love it)