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Aug 27, 2013 04:38 AM

Breakfast - Federal Way

We are headed out west for our son's wedding on Friday night. He has been stationed out in that area for seven years so we know of some really good places for dinner but we are looking for a nice place for breakfast on Friday morning. I know it is only breakfast but we want to be able to sit down and enjoy it with him, his bride to be and her parents. We are staying in Federal Way and the wedding will be in Federal way, so we want to stay in town for breakfast. Suggestions??

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  1. I am afraid you are looking at trying to pick the least bad of some bad options. The Lobster Shop at Dash Point does a very nice breakfast and is right on the water, but it is Sunday only. Poverty Bay Cafe (a bakery/coffee place) and the Black Bear Diner (bigger breakfast menu) are semi-decent options.

    If the bride's family is from Federal Way, you might inquire if there is any place that she already likes for breakfasts. Otherwise, sadly, I think you are best off just narrowing down options on Yelp, and looking at the menus, or else widening the search area.

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      +1 for Black Bear Diner. They've been opening a lot of locations up and down the I-5 corridor. Their business model seems to be to take over a failed Denny's, Sherri's, or other mediocre chain coffee shop, and do it better. The food is pretty basic American coffee shop fare, but it's well done and the portions are huge. If that sort of place would suit your needs, you could do a lot worse.

    2. Whoops, the one thing I thought of isn't open for breakfast during the week, sorry!

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll Google them both. Surprisingly you mentioned the Lobster Shop. The wedding reception is Saturday so we are taking the families and the bridal party there for dinner after the ceremony. Sort of a rehearsal dinner AFTER the wedding.

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          Interesting approach. I hope that everything goes off without a hitch, and that you have a nice visit.

        2. Thank you for everyone's help. Friday morning, before the wedding, we all met up at Poverty Bay Cafe. We were hoping for table service and ere surprised that you had to order at the counter. Food was very good though. On Saturday morning, prior to the actual wedding reception, we went to the Black Bear Diner. The portions were HUGE. My wife and daughter each had an omelet and asked for a biscuit instead of toast/ The biscuit was bigger than a softball. My cinnamon roll French toast was slices of cinnamon rolls that had to be as big or bigger than the biscuits.

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            I am glad that food at PB Cafe was good and the portions at Black Bear were impressive. I wish there were better options in Federal Way that we could have recommended. I hope the wedding events were a big success, including the post-wedding dinner at The Lobster Shop.

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              The Lobster Shop was fantastic. Food was delicious. Parking was tight because of some salmon run but they managed to save several spaces for us.