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Aug 27, 2013 01:22 AM

Foodie highlights in Lille

We're off to Lille in 3 weeks for a weekend and as it's been 10 years since the last visit I'd love to hear what people recommend

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  1. I was there in the spring and had a wonderful,and not expensive, meal at La Royale 37 rue Royale.A nice,bistro-y restaurant with a warm vibe, friendly service and very good food. lunch-18 euros. the host also recommended Brasserie Comptoir 44 and Quartier Gourmet. didn't eat at either as I opted to walk around the old quarter which was bursting with cheese stores, boulangeries. I went to Meert,a very famous chocolate store that also sells the famous gauffres . go there for the decor but don't feel obliged to buy, there are many other little shops offering the same goodies. What a great town!

    1. Bread and kouign Amman from Alex Croquet, possible the best anywhere.

      1. L' Huitriere is a Michelin *, enormous tables and a superb lunch a few years back, right in middle of old town.
        And as Souphie says bring some of the Kouign Amman back for him and me, please.

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          L' Huitriere -- we loved it for a long lunch on a rainy day 8 months ago. Beautiful room, ask for a window seat. When we were there it had been demoted to three forks&spoons, tho, no star. Also: they offer a casual seafood bar in the very nice retail seafood and specialty foods shop out front, and we'd be happy to try that as well. -- Jake

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            Thanks Guys. L'Huitriere is a family favourite, so I'm looking forward to heading back there. Do you know if they still have the sister bistro?