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Aug 26, 2013 07:52 PM

Can I eat too much fruit?

Strange question, I know, but I've been staying on a farm with plums, pluots, figs, apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. We can just pick the fruit off the trees and vines at out leisure and munch down, so I've been indulging.
But I'm wondering whether I'm overdoing it. Too much acid? Too much of something? Like a kid in a (healthy)
candy store.

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  1. Your digestion will alert you if there's a problem.

    1. Fruit is sugar (fructose) and ceases to be healthy for you if you eat a lot of it, IMO. Your body will react to it like it does to candy bars.

      1. It really IS pretty similar to eating too much candy in terms of blood sugar. Fruit has enough fiber that spikes won't be as dramatic but there's loads of natural sugar in fruit, with the accompanying hazards for weight gain and dental health. Brush your teeth regularly, and slosh water in your mouth after the fruit, to dilute the sugar and acid.

        If you're filling up on fruit you probably are eating less fat, protein, and other carbs in a day than you normally would. Doing that for weeks or months on end would leave you malnourished.

        1. I think the only possible concern is not the acids, but rather the sugar (fructose) as sedimental has pointed out. Nevertheless, you are just doing this for short term, so you are fine.

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            I agree, you can eat too much fruit but it's not all you eat I imagine and you won't be grabbing fruit off trees for life

          2. Check your toilet paper usage ratio.