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Can I eat too much fruit?

Strange question, I know, but I've been staying on a farm with plums, pluots, figs, apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. We can just pick the fruit off the trees and vines at out leisure and munch down, so I've been indulging.
But I'm wondering whether I'm overdoing it. Too much acid? Too much of something? Like a kid in a (healthy)
candy store.

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  1. Your digestion will alert you if there's a problem.

    1. Fruit is sugar (fructose) and ceases to be healthy for you if you eat a lot of it, IMO. Your body will react to it like it does to candy bars.

      1. It really IS pretty similar to eating too much candy in terms of blood sugar. Fruit has enough fiber that spikes won't be as dramatic but there's loads of natural sugar in fruit, with the accompanying hazards for weight gain and dental health. Brush your teeth regularly, and slosh water in your mouth after the fruit, to dilute the sugar and acid.

        If you're filling up on fruit you probably are eating less fat, protein, and other carbs in a day than you normally would. Doing that for weeks or months on end would leave you malnourished.

        1. I think the only possible concern is not the acids, but rather the sugar (fructose) as sedimental has pointed out. Nevertheless, you are just doing this for short term, so you are fine.

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            I agree, you can eat too much fruit but it's not all you eat I imagine and you won't be grabbing fruit off trees for life

          2. Check your toilet paper usage ratio.

            1. I seem to remember a scene in Portnoys Complaint, covering this issue? Sorry but don't want to get too graphic.

              1. Google '30 bananas a day' for people on fruit-only diet, people complain on that message about anemia, and also their teeth get really wrecked (long-term, though)

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                  I also think the variety of fruit might matter. I have occasionally periods when all i want is berries and will eat them quite often but raspberries vs bananas are quite different nutritionally and metabolically.

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                    The title is just an expression. They recommend eating lots of bananas to reach adequate calories but advise lots of variety... they still have problems..

                2. Funny... I was just watching this on CNN.

                  Man eats 25 pounds of fruit a day.


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                    I would hate to share a bathroom with that guy

                  2. If you're young and healthy, it's probably OK for short periods of time.

                    If you're older, it could be a problem if you have any blood sugar problems, such as being borderline diabetic.

                    Some people claim that too much fruit or any fruit aggravates candida. Google candida for more explanation.

                    I'm older and have these problems. But that wouldn't prevent me from indulging in each fruit on their peak days. Do enjoy.

                    1. I know that for diabetics fructose is a real issue, but I think the glycemic index has done fruit a real disservice in the minds of many who have no such issue. Some people talk about fruit like it's the new antichrist, but in fact fruits are SUPERFOODS.

                      Tell me this ... do you get a sugar high from a Twinkie or a piece of tres leches cake? And do you get that same sugar high from snacking on fruit you're snagging from Mother Nature? The Grand Canyon lies between the two.

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                        I absolutely get a sugar high from fruit. I can't even finish a banana because it is too sweet. I easily taste sugar in lettuce, bread and milk.

                        Once you actually get off sugar, your tastes change dramatically and sweetness becomes very pronounced and your body knows you just ate sugar and reacts accordingly.

                        If you routinely eat sugar, it is not such a difference.

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                          I once ate a pint of strawberries and absolutely felt the sugar rush. I was almost shaking. Same with orange juice. I can't drink a full glass without that sugar rush feeling.

                        2. I eat a lot of fruit. I'm diabetic, and my endocrinologist has no problem whatsoever with it. Some diets I've seen actually restrict veggies more than fruit.

                          1. I lady I worked with made her toungue swell up really big by eating too much lemon. She kept snacking on the lemon wedges while we were at work. Plus the acid would be hell on your teeth in that concentration.

                            1. Gah. I need to correct a misconception here. I realize that people have heard fructose defined as "fruit sugar"...but those people need to realize that it is called that because fruits are the primary natural source of fructose, NOT because fruits ONLY supply fructose. It's much more complicated than that. Most fruits supply some amount of fructose and glucose...sometimes sucrose and other sugars. Bananas = mostly glucose. That's why they can be hell on blood sugar. Apples = mostly fructose. That's why they are considered a healthy snack...decent amount of fiber and a low-GL sugar. Stone fruits, berries, and citrus fruits have a pretty even glucose/fructose balance (well, citrus is more glucose-heavy). Apples, pears, melons, and tropical fruits (excluding pineapple) tend to be high fructose.

                              OP - enjoy. I'm betting the fiber will do you in well before the sugar or acid can. ;)