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Aug 26, 2013 07:11 PM

Restaurants within walking distance of Comcast Theater in Hartford?

Are there any restaruants within walking distance of the Comcast Theater in Hartford? Revies on the theater itself haven't been too good . . . neighborhood and such. Any sugguestions would be most welcome.

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  1. theater is located in the middle of a wasteland (almost literally; there used to be a garbage dump nearby, which is now buried). the only thing I can think of nearby is McDonald's.
    come in a bit early and eat downtown. many options there, but you will need to drive.

    1. The BMW dealership next door to Comcast has great snacks(goldfish my fav) in the service department along with coffee, tea, water and free internet service. That's as good as it gets. If your in the market for a new car double the fun.

      1. Burger king? You really don't want to be walking too far away from the Meadows

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          ^True statement.^ Best to eat before you go, lots of options in Hartford or its environs.

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            Agreed...I wouldn't wander too far on foot. As others stated, it is in the middle of nowhere. There are many car dealerships, a Super 8 motel, an old landfill, and a couple fast food joints. That's it. Downtown is close but you couldn't pay me to walk that route. Leave early, dine at one of the many great options in Hartford, then drive to the theater. It isn't the most convenient thing but unfortunately the neighborhood around the theater doesn't support the kind of places you are looking for.

          2. Thanks to all who took the time to respond. We do enjoy Goldfish crackers but are leaning toward the Firebox Restaurant and are very much looking forward to Sunday night in Hartford with the Zac Brown Band. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

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              You can always BYOG if that's important. ;) Have fun!

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                  Let us know how Firebox was. :) Did you see the community garden there? I walked through it a couple of weeks ago.

                2. In a similar vein, I'm going to a show at the Webster tonite and was thinking we'd walk from Trumbull down Washington to the club. I'm not one to get scared easily but is this an issue? And what do you think about J Restaurant? Thanks.

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                    2nd murder in a month at Up or on the Rocks, usually a safe club to hang at...Hartford is quite the hole these days

                    1. re: BiscuitBoy

                      Is that in the area I plan to walk thru? I've never heard of this club, it's not in the Webster area is it? I assume some bozos had a beef and it went bad at the club but maybe you're saying Hartford isn't safe in general.

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                        I wouldn't walk it, Joanie. I just wouldn't. Drive where you need to go and please be safe.

                        ETA: I've always wanted to try the J Restaurant, but haven't had the chance. It looks good to me!

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                          We've removed some posts here, as is our custom, about neighborhood safety, and not about chow. They were unanimous in recommending against walking to restaurants from the Comcast Theater.

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                        I'll do a quick report of our short time in town. We made it back alive, haha. Drove from the HIlton to the Webster then walked to J Restaurant and sat at the bar. It's a pleasant space with an interesting menu. We split excellent crabcakes and a salmon BLT, both about $14. These were some of the best crabcakes I've had in a while; two large cakes, no filler, nicely sauteed with a little bit of greens. The sandwich and fries were decent too and my cocktail was decent. The woman bartending was also a waitress so missed the hanging out that often comes with a dedicated bartender but it was a good bite to eat. It took about 10-15 min to walk and wasn't a big deal.

                        We then came back downtown and had a drink at Trumbull Kitchen which had a mellow vibe except for two intoxicated dudes who could barely pick up their water. We then ran into one of them again at East Coast Dogs, kid was a mess. Hot dog was pretty tasty, a lot of fun combos. The crowds were out in downtown Hartford, music thumping, police sitting by barricades, interesting scene.

                        The next morning we went to the Wadsworth and I desperately needed a pastry and coffee before walking around so we were stuck with Panera which is fine in a pinch but the dude working the counter was horrendous. Ended our time in Hartford with a hot and cold lobster roll from Mickey's Oceanic ($5 off 2 of them on Sat.) along with a fried fish sandwich. Fish sandwich was really good and lobster rolls okay. Interesting guys working there.

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                          :) All right, Joanie! Thanks for the J report, too.