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Aug 26, 2013 06:57 PM

Last question about Charleston...

The trip is next week. Most everything is planned out. Drive down Tuesday, stop at Wilber's for BBQ. Tuesday night reservation at McCrady's. Wednesday breakfast at Hominy Grill - if there's room for lunch, then Middleton Plantation. Wednesday dinner at The Ordinary. Thurs lunch (skipping breakfast) at SNOB, dinner at FIG. Depart Fri, hit McCabe's and Blackbeard's on the way back home.

At Hominy Grill, I'd like to indulge in my southern favorites - chicken biscuit and shrimp and grits. At The Ordinary - baked oysters with battarga, grouper head terrine, amberjack schnitzel, razor clams, etc. Interesting ingredients and/or interesting preparation. At SNOB - fried chicken livers, maverick shrimp & grits, fried chicken & watermelon salad, etc. Interesting take on southern cuisine. FIG - razor clams, chicken liver pate, clam and corn chowder, and fish stew. Interesting ingredients and/or interesting preparation.

The problem is that I don't find McCrady's/Husk to be all that interesting based on their menus. I have no desire to eat beef, pork or chicken. In a pinch, I'll eat lamb or duck. I also don't enjoy fish as much as shellfish. Overall, I'm not sure I need to do a Brock restaurant if I'm not feeling it. So what are the alternatives? My traveling buddy suggested Bowen Island Restaurant for some simple grilled oysters? That actually sounds like a good time. I was thinking MacIntosh because of their menu.

Can someone put me out of my misery - either tell me I have to visit a Brock joint or say Brock is way overrated and there's better food in SC.

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  1. I highly recommend MacIntosh. The meal I had there recently blew me away so much more so than McGrady's or Husk ever did. Don't get me wrong, there's lots to love about both, but MacIntosh was new and fresh and so well executed that it was a damn near perfect dining experience.

    I'm not sure they'll have local fresh oysters that early in September. If it's oysters you want though, and you want to keep it simple and light, hit up the bar at Pearlz for freshly shucked oysters from the east & west coasts. Pretty good prices and a nice variety.

    1. I have two questions for you:
      You mention Bowen Island as having Grilled Oysters
      I thought(never been) that they had only oysters that You have to shuck
      Does the Ordinary have a Happy Hour?
      We are going to Charleston soon

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        The oysters at Bowen's are small cluster oysters that are steamed and served on big cafeteria-style trays. Therefore you do a little of the "shucking" work yourself but they come out of the shell easily b/c they are steamed.

        I loved Bowen's but keep in mind it is a super rustic experience - plastic cups, limited menu, cheap beer, wine and liquor, unmemorable sides, order at the counter (and be there when they open or be prepared to wait in line), etc. pretty much the polar opposite of a Brock restaurant. Which may be fun! just know what you're going for - a laid-back beach experience!

        1. re: mustardgirl

          I meant roast oysters, as described by miss piggy.

          I have no idea whether The Ordinary has a happy hour.

        2. Would love to hear others' feedback on Middleton Place Restaurant. I didn't even realize it existed, but apparently it has quite a history that involves Edna Lewis.

          1. Going to Bowens Island for oysters. Bringing my shucking knife!

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            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              Be prepared for oyster clusters. We never ate clusters at home in NC, but that's about all you find around Charleston.

              Not saying hey are bad, but they certainly are not like eating good, fat singles from North River...or the holy grail of Chincoteague, VA.

            2. I just can't believe the local oysters will be available early in September.Bowen's is local oysters only.The fried shrimp are great, but Bowen's without oysters is like Vegas without...

              I'd call ahead for sure.

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                1. re: mollybelle

                  Makes sense. Just realized their trip is next week!