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Need to buy La Bodega Sherry wine vinegar

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I cannot locate La Bodega sherry wine vinegar in the Oakland Berkeley area. I have checked BB, my local Safeway and even Andronicos. I looked up the importer and will contact then tomorrow. I see it everywhere. Even Amazon is out of it! I would prefer to buy it locally and not send for it via the internet.

Any ideas?

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  1. according to their website, K&L Wine Merchants have it for $13.99.

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      Yes, though only at their Redwood City branch:


      You could order it for pickup in SF and they'd have it there n 2-3 days.

    2. Did you try Rainbow Grocery?

      1. i have purchased at Draegers in San Mateo

        1. I buy it at Piedmont Grocery in Oakland.

          1. My favorite is Solera 77 from the Berkeley Bowl. I have both Solera 77 and La Bodega in my pantry at the moment. I just did a side by side tasting. They are both good but very different. the Bodega is more straightforward and the Solera is more fruity and sherry like. Give it a try until you get more of the Bodega.

            1. I've gotten it from K&L on numerous occasions and like Robert says they'll move stock to the store nearest you on request. I just ordered a $1.50 can of beer they only have in Hollywood and they are moving the thing up to RWC. No extra charge.


              There's another place that might interest you: The Spanish Table in Berkeley. While they don't appear to stock La Bodega, they do carry a number of sherry vinegars and it's a good place to just wander around.

              The Spanish Table
              1814 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702
              (510) 548-1383

              1. I called the importer and they told me to try Zari's deli on Solano Ave. in Albany which is within a mile of my house! They had it and it was only $10.00 for 22 oz bottle!
                I will try the Solera 77 next time- Thanks all!