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Aug 26, 2013 05:55 PM

Dress Code at Spanish 3-stars

Can someone comment on the dress code for places like El Celler, Arzak, Mugaritz and 41 degrees? I'll be doing lunches at most of these places, and would like to know if it would be fine to be dressed in jeans/khakis and a button-down/polo t-shirt, or if jackets or suits are required. Would appreciate any feedback to help me in packing. Thanks!

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  1. No dress code at any of the 3-star restaurants in Spain. For lunch, casual chic is more common than a suit. Can be khakis and sports jacket/sweater, shirt and dark/designer blue jeans; whatever looks the best on you. Most important a nice pair of shoes, no runners, though I saw a middle age out of shape man wearing a pair at Can Roca.

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      Agree good quality casual is fine. If it looks like you didn't care what you threw on or wear sports kit it just looks like you don't respect the place. And that's never a good position to start an expensive meal from if you want the best from the experience.

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        I haven't actually been to any of these places yet but I'm reading up on them for our October trip and in one diner report the writer said that a man wearing shorts for lunch was politely told that he could not be seated as dressed. This was at a Michelin 2* in Barcelona (Lasarte).

        He was apparently staying at the attached hotel (Condes) so was able to quickly change to long pants and was promptly seated.

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          Many churchs do not allow either sex to enter wearing shorts. I would suggest the same attire for entering a culinary temple. It being October, the heat should not be a big problem. And if the rains have started, a trench coat is always appropriate.

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            One has to use some common sense and show respect to the restaurant and fellow diners. A no dress code policy does not mean anything goes. Lasarte is a 2 star restaurant in Barcelona not a tapas bar or in a resort in Mallorca. I am sure if Penelope Cruz shows up in shorts and sandals at Lasarte, she will seated royally

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            Agree with all you say especially the shoes! I'm guessing that middle-aged guy was not a local.

          3. At Akelare last fall, l wore khakis and a dress shirt, my dining partner wore a pants suit with silk blouse. We fit in perfectly. We were there for lunch.

            1. Just back from SS and Barcelona. In SS, we ate lunch at Mugaritz and we saw everything from people in jeans / cargos pants and t-shirts, to people in blazers. We were in semi dress clothes (slacks/button down and dress for my wife) and felt comfortable. Everywhere seemed more relaxed than typical 1/2/3 star spots in NYC.

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