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Aug 26, 2013 05:30 PM

Paris with a vegetarian and a teenager

I will be in Paris for a long weekend with a group with very mixed food tastes. My husband and I will arrive on a Thursday morning and leave early on Monday. We eat everything and eating well is one of our priorities (he is the pastry chef of a 3* Michelin restaurant). We have invited his mother and sister to travel from England to join us in Paris from Friday night through Sunday afternoon. His mother is vegan, but willing to relax to vegetarian for this trip (she would still prefer to avoid most dairy -- things cooked with butter are okay, cheese/cream heavy dishes are not). His sister is 17, excited about French food (first time in Paris), but will most likely not be the most adventurous eater. They do not eat out very often. We want them to have an amazing experience, but budget is important, as we are already covering their traveling expenses and are cognizant of the fact that food is not their biggest priority -- I'd rather put the money towards activities they will fully appreciate. We also have 10 more days of eating our way through France, post-Paris, including dinner at Bocuse. In Paris, we'll be staying in the 6th arrondissement.

I would love suggestions for restaurants that will please all 4 of us, as well as thoughts on our other meals. Our current plan:

Thursday dinner: Le Chateaubriand (husband and me only)

Friday lunch: L'ami Saint Jean (husband and me only)

Friday dinner: Need ideas for a place to take mother & sister in the 6th once they arrive (Gare du Nord at 9:15pm, so probably eating something around 10pm). Casual, as I assume they will be tired from traveling.


If they tell me they plan to eat while traveling, someplace for my husband and I to have something quick before they arrive. Perhaps Abri, which is close to the Gare du Nord?

Saturday lunch: will depend on our itinerary for the day -- any general suggestions as to how to find something appropriate for his mother on the fly? Or recommendations near the usual suspect tourist spots?

Saturday dinner: After reading this thread, , where the OP seems to have a situation similar to mine (without the added vegetarian/vegan complication), I'm thinking that we should try Jeanne B, combined with Sacre Coeur/Montmartre sightseeing. Any other ideas? Dans Les Landes looks wonderful, but it seems as though the vegetarian options would be limited.

Sunday lunch: ???

Sunday dinner: Le Comptoir du Relais (husband and me only again


Thank you in advance for your suggestions and advice. This board has been invaluable to me as I plan our trip. (A separate post on Provence coming up....)

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  1. Hi Ribblet,

    My partner and I just returned from a trip to France and found it to be pretty challenging to find good vegetarian food in Paris. We're not vegans though so we were able to default to pizza and Indian food when in a pinch. There are a lot of Indian restaurants near the Gare du Nord so that might be one option. In Montmarte, near Sacre Cour, there's a small vegan restaurant called 'Au Grain de Folie': We had a dinner here and it was pretty basic: veggies, lentils, and grain of the day with a special accompaniment (I choose the seitan). It was nice as we had been feeling deprived of vegetables and vegetarian protein up until that point but it was very simple food that we could have easily made at home with little cost or effort.

    For more ideas based on where you'll be visiting you might want to check out: Also, some of the older posts on this 'vegan in Paris' blog might be helpful too: http://myveganparisianadventure.blogs....

    Have a great trip!

    1. Mon Vieil Ami on ile St Louis makes a point of its focus on veggies, is handy to a lot of sights and open on Sundays when the river-banks are closed to vehicle traffic and wonderful for leisurely strolling. Similar pricing to the places you've named plus a very reasonable plat du jour when we were last there.

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        The only problem with Mon Vieil Ami is that the food is terrible. Honestly the best vegetarian option near Notre-Dame is Krishna Bhavan (rue Galande).

      2. First of all, you're a saint.
        One restaurant that always has a vegetable main dish (rare in Paris) and is good and has nice ambiance and is not expensive is Café des Musées.
        Jeanne B is getting better and better. Since I'm a carnivore fundamentalist, I did not notice the purist vegetable dishes. The vegetable garnitures were good.
        Dans Les Landes usually has only one vegetable dish and one salad dish, both tasty. Is it ok for the Antichrists to have just that while you two have a fabulous meal of half a dozen (minimum) tapas? If so go for it.
        Lastly, you're a saint.

        1. I've found creperies good for both vegetarians and non adventurous eaters, and since your guests are coming from the UK, this will be a novelty for them since we don't have that many creperies here, more's the pity. There are several threads on Chowhound about creperies, the main creperie district is around Rue Montparnasse, but they are all over Paris.

          1. If you want nice vegetarian menu and a good omnivore menu Maceo may work They have the menu's on line deliver creative classical French food and a real plus its a beautiful room - not a veggie hair shirt fundamentalist place at all.