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Aug 26, 2013 05:25 PM

Need serious help with special soft diet!

I have had full upper dentures for several years and am used to them.
BUT I've broken both sets and it is going to be some time before I can afford to get even one set repaired. And am gong to be having the rest of my lowers pulled (I am 54).
I am very poor, the internet being my one luxury, and have a number of diet problems. I would appreciate any ideas out there.

I can NOT have:
TOMATO in any form, in high quantity

And I seriously want to lose weight!!
What can someone eat that actually tastes good with these restrictions?
I am baffled.

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  1. Ok,

    Welcome to Chowhound. At your leisure, please check out this website--you may be able to get help with your dentures.

    Eggs come to mind. They are a good source of protein. Eat them "soft boiled", or poached.

    Almond and soy yogurts, if you can find them, can provide protein.

    Unsweetened apple sauce.

    Mashed potatoes.

    But seriously,this is a short term solution. Best of luck!

    1. Do you have something to grind or puree cooked vegetables? Low or non-fat refried beans also come to mind.

      1. Split pea soup, scrambled eggs, egg salad, any nutritious smoothie with added protein powder, pureed everything, oatmeal (can be made savory with peanut butter/soy sauce/hot sauce or chicken broth/a cut up scallion/an egg whisked in after cooking), rice/congee, pancakes (replace milk with water), mashed potatoes/carrots/squash, etc

        1. I just spent days on a soft diet after oral surgery. I have to control carbs, so I had plenty of scrambled eggs with farmer cheese on the side, or cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, nut butters, tofu, expecially smoked or silken.

          Edited: I just realized the "no dairy" requirement. Agree with soy yogurt instead.

          1. You've had some good suggestions so far. I'd like to know what kinds of things you were eating before your dentures broke, just to get an idea of your preferences. Particularly, what do you miss being able to eat?

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            1. re: ursy_ten

              I miss being able to eat MEAT! And nuts! And raw vegetables!
              I've always loved raw veggies, but cannot stand most cooked.
              Along those lines I miss salads! I love salad bars! I love crunchy stuff!
              Everyone's answers always still have dairy in them. And the only way eggs are enjoyable are with lots of stuff in them, none of which I can have.
              There ought to be adult "baby food."

              1. re: ok42day

                Maybe buying a juicer and juicing your raw veggies. Although not as satisfying as eating, it would give you all of the necessary nutrients and without fiber, might be easy on your digestive system.

                1. re: ok42day

                  Aw, I feel for you.

                  You might like to look at this recipe:

                  It's called toothless nawab kebab. Don't worry about the spices and such if you're not into them, I think what is key is the use of papaya, it's a powerful meat tenderizer.

                  Using papaya might help you make very soft meatballs that you can eat.

                  Plus, papaya is incredibly beneficial in aiding digestion. It contains all kinds of enzymes.